Dealing with mounters, protect yourself from bragging & offensive behavior


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Dealing with mounters

Boasting about brands, making excuses, being told stupid things, being ignored… It may be “mounting”. To avoid being unwittingly targeted, know how to deal with and interact with people who want to mount.

What is “mounting”? Specific examples of words and actions

” Mounting ” to appeal that you are higher than your opponent . Mounting basically means that an animal rides another animal to show its superiority. This turned into a slang term for people showing off their “superiority.”

Human mounting is not as simple as animal mounting. Victims are unwittingly targeted. If you are aware of any of the following situations, you may have been mounted.

  • Show off your brand power (what you have, educational background, work history, standard of living, etc.) and feel the difference
  • In response to my remarks, people make remarks that degrade the value of my remarks, such as “That’s common sense.”
  • If you notice it, the conversation will always be the bragging of the other person
  • someone is neglected or ridiculed in a group

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Mounting is common at work, among friends, and at home

Mounting in the workplace is often based not only on status, but also on the background of influence within the workplace. It also often occurs among co-workers, where a powerful person acts aggressively or taunts a less influential person.

It can happen between friends or even within a family. For example, every time I meet a rich classmate, I am told stories about their belongings and trips. Your partner always boasts about your achievements in your work and makes fun of you, saying, “You’re not that big of a deal.” This kind of thing is common.

Mounting measures 1. Early awareness of potential damage

Talking with that person makes me feel uncomfortable… That’s the gateway to realizing “mounting”What should I do to avoid being targeted for mounting?

First, notice the mounting possibilities . The act of boasting on parade without regard for the other party’s trouble is a common practice of mounting. In many cases, the performers are doing it without malice and often think that they are just having fun talking.

When the atmosphere of the place flows brightly, it is difficult to notice that it is mounted. To avoid being targeted, read the mood and catch the mounting signs.

Mounting measures 2. If you feel uncomfortable, tell “NO!”

When you notice the mounting, don’t miss the timing and say “NO!” By conveying your feelings of discomfort, you give the other person notice. If it’s a casual relationship, you can say, “I’m sorry, but what you just said sounds like mounting.”

Even if you are in a relationship that is difficult to talk about, if you feel that your value is being degraded and that you are being ridiculed, it is better to express your feelings in words, saying, “I don’t want to be told that.” Being firm and articulating your point of view can encourage introspection.

Mounting measures 3. If negotiation is impossible, distance yourself early

If it doesn’t change, or if you can’t say “NO!” It is a good idea to take actions such as lightly parrying and leaving the place, or reducing opportunities to meet face to face.

Mounting is often tied to the personality of the performer, and no matter how many times you tell them “NO!”, they often do not understand. Just make sure you don’t become a target for mounting addicts. If you’re about to be targeted, keep your distance early to ensure your mental safety.

Mounting occurs in any environment. Being targeted hurts your self-esteem. By all means, let’s notice the sign of mounting early and deal with it.