Is real love far away due to the compensation of love?


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love far away

“Oshikatsu” is fun, but you can also lose important things such as money, time, and actual love because you are too absorbed in it. In particular, you need to be careful if you really want to be in love, but you rely on pushing as a compensation. Here are some checkpoints so that you don’t regret your promotion.

Isn’t promotion all about benefits? I’m so addicted to it that I regret it

“Oshikatsu” is a fan activity that supports idols, anime characters, etc. When you are absorbed in oshikatsu, your heart flutters like when you are in love, and you can spend every day in a very positive and energetic mood.

On the other hand, being too addicted to oshikatsu can lead to the loss of important things. The most important of these is money and time. I’m so absorbed that I spend too much money on my favorite live performances, stage performances, and goods, and my life becomes unstable. It seems that some people feel impatience.

It’s hard to notice when you’re engrossed, but when you cool down, you may feel like you’ve spent too much on something important and regret it.

“Is there a push?” The case of losing a real love chance

That’s not all. If you get too absorbed in your promotion, you tend to lose sight of your life’s purpose. In the first place, I think the reason why my heart flutters with the recommendation is that I can safely enjoy the “feeling of love” within the framework of entertainment as a consumption activity.

However, what you can get from Oshikatsu is only a “feeling of love”, not a real romance. Real love is when you meet your partner in real life, grow together and try to create a new life by being deeply involved even though you are hurt.

However, some people who are obsessed with oshikatsu have a desire in the back of their minds to “have a real relationship”, but they spend time on oshikatsu without facing that feeling. In fact, there are many people who miss the chance of love.

Pushing is a compensatory action for love. Check whether you are dependent on the “defense reaction of the heart”!

Even in counseling, I sometimes hear voices from people who have been enthusiastic about promoting life for many years, such as “Is this really good?”

While you are absorbed in oshikatsu, you feel that you don’t need love! If the situation of the oshi changes, I may not be able to be a fan anymore, and as the interaction with my oshi friends fades, the day may come when I wonder, “What happened to those hot days until now?” Hmm. Why is it that even though we are faintly aware of such possibilities in the future, we still rely on daily promotion?

There is a term in psychology called “compensatory behavior”. It is a defensive reaction of the mind that when you feel that what you want is not what you want, you compensate for it with something else. Even if you are absorbed in pushing, if you have an unsatisfied feeling somewhere in your heart, it is not what you really want to do (romance), but because you are trying to satisfy your desires by the “compensatory action” of love . That’s what it means. For that reason, I think there are many cases where people hide their true feelings of wanting to be in love and feel emptiness somewhere in their hearts.

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Don’t overlook anxiety and discomfort, face your true feelings

Then, how should we act to get out of dependence on pushing as a compensatory action of love and face our true feelings?

If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable somewhere in your heart when you are doing promotion, catch these signs and take your time to have a dialogue with your heart. “I’m supposed to be having fun, but why do I suddenly feel empty?” In addition, if you catch the small signs of anxiety and discomfort in your heart and think about them carefully, your true feelings will gradually emerge.

I think it’s good to have someone other than your supporters listen to your true feelings that you’ve come to see through introspection. Talking to people makes my thoughts clearer. By getting an opinion from the person who will listen to you, you can catch yourself objectively. Then, I think that I will be able to think about what I should do in the future from a broader perspective.

As I told you above, oshikatsu is a fun fan activity that gives you excitement and energy. At the same time, it is also a compensatory behavior for love, so if you rely too much on it, you will spend a lot of money and time, and you may lose sight of what is most important to you in life. In order to avoid this, I think it is very important to face the small signs of anxiety and discomfort hidden in your heart, find out your true feelings, and think about a way of life that you will not regret.