Color therapy that truly understands! How to be who you want to be with colors that project your mind


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Color therapy that truly understands

 “Color therapy” can be used as an opportunity to realize “what you want to be” by noticing changes that your heart desires through “color”. I will introduce how to use and utilize the “Color Vision Circle” that I have developed and use in actual counseling.

“Color therapy” that understands the appearance of “I want to be” from the color

Want to start something new? But one method I would recommend to people who don’t know where to start is ” color therapy .” It will help you to understand “what you want to be” by projecting the thoughts hidden in your heart on “color”.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to miss the changes your heart desires. Deep in our hearts, we have a desire to be like this, but we are unaware of our true intentions and are unable to communicate with our hearts because we are so busy with the things in front of us.

If this situation continues, when I suddenly come back to myself, I will be caught in vague thoughts of “What is my personality?” increase.

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“Color” as a clue to know the deep message of the heart

What the heart seeks is very ambiguous, and even if you try to introspect yourself, it is not easy to grasp it. Therefore, let’s use “color therapy” as one of the ways to notice the message emitted from the depths of the heart.

When you look at a certain “color”, do you feel moved, feel happy, attracted to it, or remember something you’ve almost forgotten? This is because certain “color” stimuli are associated with messages hidden deep in the mind and emerge to the surface of the mind.

Find out what colors you’re reacting to right now. Then, it will be easier for you to decipher the meaning of messages sent from the depths of your heart, and to grasp the direction of your true self .

Anyone can do it easily! How to use the Color Vision Circle

Now let’s get started with color therapy. There are various methods of “color therapy”, but the one I would like to introduce is the “Color Vision Circle” method that I myself developed and that I use in actual counseling. Even one person can use it easily.

“Color Vision Circle” – Let’s trace the area of ​​”the color you care about” in the circle of 12 colors with your finger
See the 12 round colored wheels above. At first glance , trace the area (3 or 4 circles) of your recent “colors that you are interested in” with your finger. You can refer to the following 5 items as hints to notice “the color you are interested in”.

・For some reason, I can’t take my eyes off the hue of the area
・When I go looking for new clothes, I often pick up clothes with that hue
・I’m curious about why it’s not my favorite color
・The use of this hue in accessories and interiors has increased

If you observe again from “color”, you may notice an unexpected change in your mind.

What is the message expressed by the hues of the “five areas”?

Now let’s take a closer look at the hue of the area traced above. First, which of the following 1 to 5 is the area you traced with your finger closer to?

Which of the 5 areas is closest to what you traced with your finger?
Below, we will explain the messages represented by the hues in areas 1 to 5. In the “Color Vision Circle”, each of the hues of the “5 areas” is named and introduced as a hint to know “what you want to be”.

Area 1: An area centered on Joyful
yellow, including orange, yellow-green, red, and green. It is a shade that young children like to use. It may be that your heart wants to be innocent and happy.

Haven’t you been laughing and playing with a child’s honest feelings lately? Let’s go back to childhood and increase the things we can enjoy.

Area 2: Natural (Natural)
An area centered on green. It may be that my heart desires to take in the natural spirit emitted by the leaves of trees and blades of grass.

Aren’t you tired of being busy with daily chores lately? Nature has the power to heal a tired heart and regain vitality. Let’s bring more nature into our lives.

Area 3: Calm
Area centered on blue. It may be that your heart desires to regain a pure and clear heart like water or the sea.

Aren’t you feeling more and more frustrated and frustrated lately, surrounded by mixed emotions? By all means, let’s spend a relaxing time near the clear stream or the sea and wash away the sediment that has accumulated in your heart.

Area 4: Mysterious
purple, an area centered on magenta. It may be that your heart desires to incorporate elements of seduction, surrealism, and aphrodisiacs.

Are you tired of trying to be your true self these days? By all means, let’s get in touch with something deep and mysterious, something like a secret, and open the door to unexpected possibilities hidden in your heart.

Area 5: Passionate
Area centered on red. It may be that your heart desires to incorporate passionate and energetic elements.

Have you been saving yourself too much lately, trying not to push yourself too hard? Develop your inner energy and grow your confidence by pushing past your limitations.

Spend more time interacting with the hues of the area that attracts you

As explained above, hues have different characteristics in each area, and the images that are evoked are also different.

When you find a hue that is close to the message you are sending out from the depths of your heart, you are inexplicably attracted to it. Then, without realizing it, we want to see, pick up, and touch objects of that color.

If you look at the explanation of the area you traced with your finger and it clicks, it would be a good idea to incorporate that hue into your life and visit a place where you can connect with that hue (Area 3 (e.g., go to the sea).

If you spend more time interacting with the hues of the area you have chosen, I think you will gradually realize that “I might be like this right now.”

Incorporating a variety of colors into your life can help your mind grow in a balanced way overall.

However, the color that the heart seeks is not constant forever. Once you have fully experienced the hues of one area, your attention shifts to other hues. So, I used to like Area 4, but suddenly I’m interested in Area 1. In this way, the hue that attracts you will change.

Incorporating unexpected things into your daily life, such as experiencing things that are associated with images of hues different from your previous tastes, will allow your mind to grow in an overall well-balanced manner .

Also, this time I introduced 12 colors and 5 area hues, but there are many more colors and hues, and in actual counseling, I will search for the area that fits me from even more hues. increase.

In addition, in my book “Even when I grow up, I’m adolescent girls” (published by Seishun Shuppan), I introduce a method called “Color Chronology” , a method to understand the growth of one’s mind by making a chronology using colored pencils. doing. By all means, why don’t you read the message that the deep of your heart is emitting through your association with color?