Breakfast to prevent heatstroke


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Breakfast to prevent heatstroke

There is a way to eat breakfast to prevent heatstroke. Heatstroke can lead to life-threatening symptoms such as headaches and mild nausea, but it is important not only to drink plenty of water and salt, but also to prevent loss of appetite and nutritional deficiencies caused by summer fatigue. Here are some tips for preventing heatstroke from a nutritional perspective and an example of a simple breakfast menu.

Water intake and salt intake are important to prevent heat stroke

Summer is when the number of emergency transports due to heatstroke increases. In addition to keeping yourself in good physical condition, heat stroke prevention and countermeasures that you can do on a daily basis are to spend time in a cool place by making full use of air conditioners, etc., and to take in “water” and “salt” frequently. can be mentioned .

By spending time in a cool place and avoiding sweating, you prevent the loss of water from your body. Considering that about 60% of our body is made up of water, we know how important it is to stay hydrated .

As an aside, there are people who say, “Beer keeps you hydrated!” I don’t care if you’re joking or joking, but if you’re seriously thinking that alcohol will keep you hydrated, change your mind right now. For example, drinking beer brings you closer to the toilet. This is due to the diuretic effect of beer, although I drank too much beer. Other alcohols also have the effect of binding with water and excreting it out of the body, so it is more correct to think of it as a water thief rather than rehydrating.

Now let’s talk about “salt”. I know water is important, but why do we need salt? Some people may think so. In fact, water performs various functions in the body by escorting sodium. that’s right. Without sodium, water cannot do anything in the body. Some doctors explain this situation as follows: “Sodium and water are like humans and shadows, and when humans (sodium) move, shadows (water) follow.” In fact, ” Please

take salt to prevent heatstroke”The “salt content” when asked is not exactly “salt” but “salt”, but the most “salt” in the body is sodium, and salt ( The chemical name is “sodium chloride”) is the easiest way to take in sodium, so even if some people misunderstand that “salt = salt”, I feel that it is becoming a trend to tolerate it . . However, as it is said that

“Japanese people eat too much salt” , unless there is a cause such as being unable to eat properly due to poor physical condition, or sweating a lot, the general Japanese diet should be considered. People are consuming too much salt. People who spend their time indoors in an air-conditioned room may not have any problems as long as they are properly hydrated. In particular, if you have high blood pressure or a burden on your kidneys, please consult your doctor and take salt intake according to your TPO. 

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Consider malnutrition as a prerequisite for heat stroke measures

The most common cause of heat stroke is “staying in a place with high temperature and humidity for a long time, sweating a lot and losing water and salt”, but even if you are in the same place, , Some people get heat stroke and others don’t. Whether or not you get sick depends on your physical condition when you are in a hot place. For example, if you are tired from lack of sleep, or if you lose your physical strength due to the stress of long hours of heat, heatstroke can become severe.

As a result, we often hear that people lose their appetite due to the heat, but it is more important than usual to eat a well-balanced diet in order to gain basic physical strength.

Recommended breakfast and breakfast recipe examples to prevent heat stroke

For this reason, in addition to “well-balanced nutrition”, it is necessary to add plenty of “moisture” and “salt” to prevent heatstroke.

The staple food for breakfast is divided into those who prefer bread and those who prefer rice. The water content of bread is 38% for white bread and 60% for rice, so it’s not twice as much, but rice has more moisture. People who prefer bread tend to be dehydrated easily, so be sure to add one drink, such as milk or juice, to your meal.

As for salt content, basically you can’t make delicious bread without adding salt. I also remember being laughed at by my supervisor when I forgot to add salt in the bread making training and ended up with a really bad bread. Such salted and delicious “unsalted bread” is not within my knowledge. Please think that all the bread that you can get at the supermarket etc. contains salt. On the other hand, rice has zero salt content, but it is OK if you cover it with side dishes.

I think that the main protein of the staple food is scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, etc. for bread. I think that salted salmon and dried fish go well with rice, but since they all contain a lot of salt, let’s make up for the lack of “salt” in the staple food here.

In addition, let’s add salads and stews as side dishes. If you don’t have enough vitamins, you won’t be able to use nutrients properly, and you will be in a state of nutritional deficiency.

As for the soup, it is usually recommended to refrain from eating too much salt, but it is the perfect salt supplement to prevent heatstroke. It is a good idea to drink soup in the morning when you feel that you are still tired.

Based on these conditions, the following are examples of breakfast menus that are also effective in preventing heat stroke.

■ Bread breakfast
Sandwich, milk, boiled egg, orange (raw) + corn soup

Rice ball breakfast
Onigiri (pickled plum) 
, grilled salmon, vinegared seaweed, watermelon + miso soup

Breakfast is the base of the day’s activities. Have a good breakfast and get through the summer in good spirits!