Botox under the nose to lift the lip, What Is a Lip Flip?


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Botox under the nose to lift the lip

Turn it to lift it! The new trend is the conference of the city after the infamous facelift, eyebrow lift, nose facelift and cheese lift. Lip Flip or “Lip Lift” is a dream come true for the right reasons, because it is faster, safer, less risky, but incredibly natural.

Your Lips Take the Centre Stage in Beauty— Here Is Why?

Your lips are one of the decisive characteristics of your face, as well as your personality. They are absolutely invaluable to express your emotions. Moreover, they enable you to communicate what you feel deep inside before you even say a word!
o They are responsible for a fascinating smile
o Lips play a role in balancing other characteristics of your face
o They are also considered crucial with regard to a “big kiss”!

Psychology Says Great Things About ‘Fuller Looking Lips’

Many types of research into the human mind say that full lips are an indication of both young people and vitality. A Dodue break is also a sign of good health in general. Historically, various diseases have dried their lips or lost their shadow.

For men, the more complete and lusty lips indicate a good potential for couples. Scientists believe that men find the lips completely an important factor while choosing an ideal companion. This can be more logical when other characteristics, such as eyes and face shape, are in the right proportions.

In conclusion, it is certainly to say that the beautiful lips are essential in aesthetics, and women will continue to chase the larger, full and juicy lips, as long as the human race rules the earth.

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What Is a Lip Flip?

The lipomering becomes possible when a neuromodulator, just like Botox, is used to turn the edge of the lip. These injectables can give the lip a small advantage or a projection. This can give you a ski-ski appearance by emphasizing the arch of your cupid and creating a younger pout.

Why Did A Lip Flip Evolve?

The lip increases have increased by more than 60% since 2000, according to a study by the American Society or Plastic Surgeons.
The need for beauty has only increased over the years and different ways have evolved to achieve this. Lip loads with the help of skin loads are only one. Because everyone is different with different desires, such as:
O More volume and larger lips
o Natural results
o Different forms of lips
o Hydration and herpulpation – effect
While beauty standards continue to change, medical aesthetics continue to make progress; The old techniques have been improved and combined to develop new techniques. The goal is to achieve as many pleasant and attractive results as possible.

The Desire For Natural Looking Pouts Is On The Rise

Lip loads give drastic and drastic results. With the change in demand and more passage to a more subtle effect, Botox is considered an excellent solution for nicer lips.
A Botox -Liphffen is supposed to be a natural and looks incredibly beautiful for all those looking for a remarkable peak clip. The treatment also costs less than a facial filling.

How Botox Works to Give a Lip Lift?

Botox is used to treat the orbicicula oris muscle, located on the sides of the upper and lower lip. It blocks nerve pulses and prevents them from reaching the muscle, which in turn relaxes the muscles.
After this procedure, the lip can now be reduced to the outside, so that the appearance of a larger lip is brought than without disturbing the functions.

A Bonus For Mature Friends!

Lip treatment also helps to reduce the appearance of these boring vertical lip lines around the upper lip. These lip wrinkles can be the result or not by smoking, and in general women in fifty and above evil with them.

When Will the Lip Flip Results Be Visible?

In a few days after the lip injection treatment, the results of a lipomeration can be observed. The total benefits of improving the lips will become noticeable within 7 to 10 days.

How Long Do the Botox Lips Last?

The effects last up to three months, after which you may need maintenance doses to retain them. Your doctor will tell you about the best maintenance handling calendar.

How Many Botox Units Are Needed for Lip Flip?

Not long ago, the only way was to reach a large plibin through skin loads. Although effective, many people do not want extra dodus but a subtle upper lip, which means that non -surgical lip is a “favorite”!
About 10 units of botulinumtoxin are necessary for lip lift treatment. In some cases, however, there may be no need for fewer units (usually 2 to 4 units) injected along the Vermillion edge of your upper lip.
It is a fraction of the skin filling before it has the same effect on the lips. The technology may not last more than 5 minutes.

Botox Lip Flip Injection Points

Botox injections, unlike skin loads, do not give a volume to your lips. Instead, they are supposed to offer a better projection on your upper lip to improve the appearance. The result? A more complete global lip without exaggeration.

Top 7 Most Popular Lip Flip Benefits

1- A Subtle and Natural Effect of Fuller Lips

Although an important improvement is always pleasant to look at, many people prefer a subtle improvement of their performances. It is true that the skin costs for the increase in the lips can give spectacular results. The “Lip Flip” is quite natural on the “Flip” side.

2- Great Tool for Testing Waters of Lip Fillers

Are you still above the fence to get lip loads? Do you not know how the results will appear? Worry about lip loads that have been wrong? A non -surgical lip can be exactly what you need before trying lip loads.
Moreover, the effects of Botox treatment are temporary and they do not last for a few months, such as skin costs. That is why obtaining a flip on the lips can be the right decision.

3- Lip Lift Can Be Combined with Other Cosmetic Procedures

Botox is also known as “beauty solutions in a syringe”. It is true for the right reasons! A Botox sprayer can not only reduce the appearance of these annoying front lines, but also reduce the appearance of the body’s feet.
So if you visit to repair these wrinkles, a lip lift can also be on your cards.

4- Botox Lips Is a Quick Procedure & Visible Results

There are tons of things and products that pour lips that promise juicy lips without any pain or harm your bank account. However, it may not be as simple as you think. The removal of the lips feared by gadgets or surgery is a risky company.
What else? There are tons of stories about Repully on the internet that deserve your attention. On the other hand, Botox Lip Flip is a quick procedure that will yield remarkable results in about a week.

5- A Great Way to Improve Smiles

From so many human expressions, a smile helps people to connect.
Moreover, this gesture is a means to convey feelings of comfort, a state of life and simply friendly. But the best reason to smile is the ability to make you attractive.
Well, a lip lift can undoubtedly improve your shy smile by relaxing your upper lip muscle and giving you a pouty track. This treatment is also a great way to present your hidden lip while repairing a “Gumm -Glimlach”.

6- Improves The Appearance of Ageing Lines Around the Upper Lips

Whether you are a smoker or not, the upper lip wrinkles generally become your fate somewhere in the 1950s. There are many factors that are to blame, such as:
o Loss of collagen with advanced age
o Repeat certain facial expressions
o smoke
o No sun protection
O bad sleeping habits
O Considering straws
These aging lines can now be treated thanks to Botox injections in combination with skin loads. Mature women with the smoker lip lines also have problems with bleeding lipstick and can therefore benefit greatly from botox lips.

7- Little To No Downtime

Because there is no operation involved, so no cut, incision, no points, few or no side effects and no major recovery period. Non -invasive treatment such as lip levy with the help of Botox only needs simple monitoring and realistic expectations.

Not Happy With Your Botox Lip Lift?

Botox treatments are greeted for their subtle surgery but results from doctors and patients. In contrast to real operation, however, Botox injections are not that dramatic and permanent.

So don’t worry if your flip on the lips has not turned out to be what you have imagined. The effects of Botox use the tendency to use within a few months. If you like them, you will keep a simple touch -up treatment fantastic every few months.
If you are not ready for a drama, but you always want this beautiful upper lip, then the upper Botox lip is exactly what you need. A lipflip alone can effectively add natural projection and lift it to your upper lip.

Look Great in Your Selfies & Virtual Meetups

In addition, in the Instagram era, YouTube and unlimited selfies, an improvement is as subtle as Botox Lip Flip is a smart way to appear. (Effortless)
While the whole world takes over to “everything online and the lock face, there is an increase in demand for a” natural but better look “. It’s time to do your best while you work at home and you are even on your best on you Zoom discussions!

Need An Extra Hydrated Effect? Double Up with Dermal Filler

Botox lips are ideal for giving a lift to your upper lips for a sexy flight look. But if you associate yourself with a filling based on hyaluronic acid, you can fall in love with your new lips because of the smoother and more paying effect.

A Complete Smile Is an Attractive Smile

Will your upper lip incognito be when you laugh? Or are your gums lying obviously, which removes your self -confidence? Botox Lip Flip can help you!
According to a study conducted in 2013, the participants were shown “processed faces that went into beauty and happiness” and asked to choose the most attractive.
Finally, the researchers discovered that “the intensity of a smile on a face” is directly and strongly connected to the attractiveness of a person.
Do you know that there are 12 essential elements with a perfect smile?
Of the 12 components, your lips play a crucial role by making you an ideal smile!

Just as a beautiful image is incomplete without a framework, your smile also depends on a few beautiful lips. Moreover, they are also responsible for a minimal gum exhibition and a primary screen of your teeth smile.
That is why Botox lips are really worth trying, but only if you are looking for the services of an experienced doctor.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for a Lip Flip?

o This fashionable cosmetic procedure is an ideal procedure for you if you are:
Oh, you want to improve your Pruil, but are not yet ready for skin load treatment.
o Looking for a natural improvement instead of a drastic and drastic effect.
O Botox lips are also excellent for you if you use lip loads, but also want a light projection on your upper lip.
O wants a less gummous smile.
Or need more projection for the upper lips if you laugh

Lip Flip Vs. Lip Fill — What Is the Difference?

It is difficult not to be jealous of the Hollywood sizes such as those of Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. Thanks to cosmetic injections you can now live your delicious and more complete lipdream without having to undergo a knife!

Action Of A Dermal Filler

The skin loads must literally give a considerable volume to your lips and increase their size. For a more striking and lush prulk, the skin is “replaced” to actually increase your lips.

Action Of Botox Injection

On the other hand, the Botox relaxes the target muscle that causes the wrinkle and fold of your skin. In the case of a lip lift, Botox weakens the activity of your orbicular muscle in the upper lip.
Consequently, this procedure “turns outside” back outside, creating the illusion of a larger lip.
Consequently, the lips and lipsters of Botox work to improve the appearance of the lips, but the mechanisms, the duration and the products used are all different.

Differences Lip FlipLip Fill
Actual Volumizing Effect✔️
Possible Swelling, Tenderness & Bruising✔️
Natural & Subtle Enhancement✔️
Softens Upper Lip Wrinkles✔️✔️
Improves A ‘Gummy Smile’✔️
Lasts Longer Than 3-4 Months✔️
Costly Procedure✔️

The Lip Flip Has Its Limitations

o The Flip procedure on the lips will add a projection, but no fullness to the lips
O people with a well -defined Vermilion border come out most in the treatment.
o This liphffen can only improve your upper lip, but not the lower lip.
O Botox Top Lip does not last as long as a skin filling treatment and can start with the disappearance of approximately 12 to 16 weeks. That is why you may need contact to maintain your new Pruilen.
o Like in any other injectable procedure, lipsters can have temporary side effects such as redness, swelling and light bruises.