What is the Athens Insomnia Scale?


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What is the Athens Insomnia Scale

In order to get good quality sleep, it is important to know your current sleep state. There are various self-check methods, sleep diagnosis, etc., but there is a sleep evaluation method called “Athens Insomnia Scale” created mainly by the World Health Organization (WHO). Let’s easily check the quality of sleep with the world-standard sleep quality checklist.

What is the “Athens Insomnia Scale” by WHO?

The number of people who cannot realize their lack of sleep is rapidly increasing! Are you ok?There are various ways to check the quality of sleep by yourself, but there is something called ” Athens Insomnia Scale ” as a world standard sleep evaluation method. It was created in 2000 by the World Health Organization (WHO) . Please select

the following 8 items that you have experienced at least 3 times a week in the past month . Finally, total the scores for each option.

Question 1. How long did it take you to go to bed and actually fall asleep?
I always fall asleep well…0
It took me a little longer than
usual…1 It took me a lot longer than usual…2 It took me a lot longer than
usual or I couldn’t sleep at all…3

Q2. Did you wake up in the middle of your sleep during the night?
It was not enough to be a problem…… 0
I have a little trouble…… 1 I have a
lot of trouble…… 2
A serious condition or I could not sleep at all…… 3

Question 3. Have you ever been unable to sleep after waking up earlier than you wanted?
Never …0
A little early…1
Fairly early…2
Very early or no sleep at all…3

Question 4. Did you get enough sleep, including nighttime sleep and daytime naps?
Not enough…1
Quite lacking……2
Not at all, or could not sleep at all……3

Question 5. How do you feel about your overall sleep quality?
Somewhat unsatisfied……1
Very unsatisfied……2
Very unsatisfied or could not sleep at all……3

Q6. How was your mood during the day?
As usual… 0
Slightly depressed … 1
Considerably depressed … 2
Very depressed … 3

Q7. How was your physical and mental activity during the day?
As usual……0
Slightly decreased……1
Significantly decreased……2
Very decreased……3

Q8. Have you been feeling sleepy during the day?
Not at all…0
A little…1 A

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Scoring method and evaluation of sleep quality: People with high scores should seek medical attention early.

If you know the current state, then just do what you need to doLet’s self-check the quality of your sleep.

First, add up the scores (0 to 3 points) for each of the 8 questions on the Athens Insomnia Scale to get a total score . The higher the score, the stronger the insomnia, and conversely, the lower the score, the better the quality of sleep.

People with a total score of less than 4 are getting decent sleep. If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, review your lifestyle habits such as exercise and diet, and adjust your sleep environment.

A score of 4-5 is slightly suspicious of insomnia. If you’re worried, see a sleep disorder specialist. Of course, you need to improve your lifestyle and sleep environment. Also, if you’re feeling a lot of stress, think about ways to reduce or deal with it.

If the total score is 6 points or more , the possibility of insomnia is high. See a sleep disorder specialist as soon as possible. You may be reluctant to go to the hospital, but the sooner you get a diagnosis and start treatment, the sooner you’ll feel better.

How was your sleep quality? If you want to check the quality of your child’s sleep, please also read the ” Children’s sleep checklist “.

Whether you are a good sleeper or have trouble sleeping, it is important to improve your sleep environment.