Does Accutane shrink your nose


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does accutane shrink your nose

Accutane was greeted as a panacea for people with severe acne. But a growing number of people on Tiktok says that they also received a “free nose” with the help of the medication.
Many have shared before and after the photos of themselves with what they say are more rationalized and narrowed noses. It seems that it all started with Alejandro Vera (@ m0ldaViteeking_), who told what he called his sister’s friend that she had obtained free nose to use Accotane. “Did you know that my sisters – my sisters and I – free nose work in 2016?” he said. “Yes, we were in battery. This sh * t narrows the nose.”
Cue: tons of other Tiktok users who are approaching Vera’s experience with theirs. “No medical advice, but if you wanted a nose job, go to Accutane !!” said Rooz Divalar (aka @ 1rzdd).
Another Tiktokker known as @zahlidwdd shared a series of photos of itself over time with a seemingly smaller nose. “Everything makes sense now,” she said. And according to the @prizzilla user, the medicine gave him “more than a simple skin radiation”.
So what exactly happens here? Dermatologists weigh why you should not register for Accotane, just to get a “free nose”.

What is Accutane?

Accotane, aka isotretinoin, is a powerful drug that is used to treat a certain type of severe acne that is known as the recalcitrant nodular acne, according to the MedlinePlus source of the American National Medicine Library. Patients can be prescribed by battery if other treatments, such as antibiotics, have not helped. The battery is a retinoid and works by slowing down the production of certain natural substances that can cause acne.
Accotane “also shrinks the sebum – oil producer – Acorns,” dermatologist certified in the board of directors IFE J. Rodney, MD, founder of the aesthetics of eternal dermatology, said Health.
Accotane is an oral medicine, and you take it twice a day a day with meals up to five months at a time, Medline Plus explains.

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So, Can Accutane Shrink Your Nose?

The short answer: no. “Unfortunately, Accotane can’t really reduce the nose,” said Dr. Rodney.
However, Accotane can in theory reduce your nose under certain circumstances. “Accotane can make the nose less spherical because of the effect on the oil glands in this area,” Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology on Mount Sinai, told Health. “We know that the nose has one of the highest concentration and the most active oil glands on the body.” So in theory, if you reduce the oil glands in your nose when you are in battery, it can make your nose smaller.
According to the New York Doris Day dermatologist, MD: However, you would only see a change if you would see a change in the first place if you would only see a change if you had large hyperactive glands in the first place. “Not most people,” said Dr. Day in Health.
And even if you had hyperactive sebaceous glands in your nose, Dr. Day that cutane would not change the real shape of your nose. “You would not suddenly have a clearer and more sculpted nose,” said Dr. Day. Dr. Rodney accepted and called the free nose and claims to “be a bit exaggerated”. (Accotane had not yet responded to the request for comment in the field of health on the publication.)

Accutane Is Not To Be Taken Lightly

“Accotane is my favorite medicine for people who are the right candidates, but it has side effects and must be provided with care and for a limited amount of time,” said Dr. Day. “It’s not a medicine to take light.”
Accotane has a long list of possible side effects, ranging from skin -dry to more serious problems such as congenital malformations. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) specifically states the potential side effects of the Accutane:
• Dry skin, seriously shocked lips
• nose bleeding
• Dry and irritated eyes
• Dry mouth
• sensitivity to the extreme sun
• Acne temporarily worse
• Problem to see at night
• Her slimming
• Muscle or joint pain
• outburst
• Stomach problems
• Unhealthy cholesterol levels
• Lever damage
In pregnant women, Aad said, accutaneous can cause serious innate malformations, miscarriage and heartfold, and therefore people who can become pregnant must pass two pregnancy tests before they pass the medication and they must agree that they have a monthly pregnancy test will endure and two will use forms of contraception on battery.
“There is a very strict program called IPLEDGE where the patient, the doctor and the pharmacist must all register when using the medicine, knowing his risks,” Dr. Rodney. “Everyone must agree that the patient is the only one who is authorized to use accessaneous, only in the prescribed dose.” In short, this is not a medicine that you can easily take over and take as you can take it.
If you are on battery and you have noticed a subtle change in your nose – and you want it to be different – you can easily credit the shrinking oil glands and call it ever. But if not, it is better to jump on this hack.