Get rid of evil spirits! A simple medicinal recipe that can be done in 5 minutes to prevent colds


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A simple medicinal recipe that can be done in 5 minutes to prevent colds

Are you out of shape and have a fever or a cold? Of course, rest and taking medicine are the most important measures against colds, but it is also possible to ward off colds by consuming the right ingredients. This time, we will introduce ingredients available at supermarkets and medicinal recipes for colds that are easy to make in 5 minutes.

What foods and menus do you recommend when you catch a cold?

The season when the air is dry and cold. Are you feeling unwell and have a fever or a cold? This time, we will introduce the ingredients you want to take when you have a cold, and the special medicine meal that can be made in just 5 minutes. Let’s make a full-fledged “Kana Onion Paiyu” with ingredients that are easily available at supermarkets.

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Drive away evil spirits with a diverging action! 5 foods to eat when you have a cold

When you catch a cold, people often tell you to eat something that warms your body and go to bed early. Of course, this is not a mistake, but in the case of Kampo, there is one more thing that must not be forgotten. It is to get rid of the bad wind called “cold” by ingesting something with a dispersive effect and sweating to drive away bad evil.

In Kampo medicine, this is called “gehyo,” which means “clearing evil from the surface”, but since there are many ingredients that are familiar to us, we will introduce five of them here. .

■ Cinnamon
The bark of the Kay of the Lauraceae family. It has a sweating effect and is said to be good for joint pain and stomach pain due to coldness. It also has the effect of warming the body and discharging excess water from the body.

■ Perilla Disperses
the cold and warms the body, so it is recommended for the early symptoms of a cold that causes chills. It can be used for vomiting, burping, loss of appetite, etc., as it has the effect of refreshing the stagnant mind.

■ Ginger Ginger
is hot and can be used with other herbal medicines to increase sweating and warm the stomach, so it is recommended for stomach pain due to cold weather. It is often used to stop vomiting, removes fish poison, and has a diuretic effect.

■ Green onion
The herbal medicine name is “green onion white” (sohaku). It also has the effect of warming the body and stopping pain.

■ coriander
The crude drug name is gensui, and the whole plant is used. It is also called coriander or coriander. Disperses the cold and has a perspiration effect. It also has the effect of promoting permeation of measles and other diseases and discharging toxins.