Why Do Guinea Pigs Smell Each Others Bums?

why do guinea pigs smell each others bums
why do guinea pigs smell each others bums

Bum sniffing is a very common behavior among guinea pigs. They just suss each other out, sort out the pecking order, unless and unless there are not any real fights of blood drawn with them. It is often seen that guinea pigs smell each other’s bums and try to get close to other guinea pigs. Here in this article, we will try to find out the reasons why do guinea pigs smell each other’s bums?

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Why do guinea pigs bite each other’s bums?

Walking from nose to bum among guinea pigs is very common. Another behavior usually known as rumble strutting is also normal. These kinds of behaviors are occasionally shown by guinea pigs when you are growing them at home. But here the point to remember is, you shouldn’t worry about these kinds of guinea pigs’ behaviors.

You should only be worried when they boars and in case there is serious fighting between guinea pigs. As a result of fights, the blood comes out of their bodies. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be over-conscious because they are just doing what piggies do in routine.

Why do guinea pigs go under each other?


Guinea pigs do not interact with each other so well. But with time, they get so along with each other and soon they start enjoying the company of other fellows guinea pigs. They often walk in the company and start cuddling with each other. You might have observed that guinea pigs suck other guinea pig ears and they go along with each other.

You shouldn’t worry at all about guinea pigs. Because these are the signs that indicate that they have started liking the company of other fellows. They have got along so well with each other that’s why they are showing such behaviors.

The guinea pigs suck each other ears sometimes & they walk behind the other guinea pigs. One reason is that the new or young guinea pigs follow the footsteps or behaviors of older guinea pigs. That’s why they are initiating their actions and behaviors.

Another reason includes they got along so well with each other and they want to enjoy the company and want to eat the same food. The reason for getting so close to each other is they smell the food and their tastes. They do so to enjoy the company of other guinea pigs.

Why do guinea pigs nudge each other?

Staying dominant over others has always been the favorite virtue of human beings. Guinea pigs do follow the same pattern and they want to stay dominant over other guinea pigs.

To make dominance over fellow guinea pigs, one of the methods they use is nose nudging. Nose nudging is one of the best ways to stay dominant and persistent over other guinea pigs. It’s also normal for a guinea pig to nudge you with their nose when they’re trying to show you some affection and interaction.

Do guinea pigs recognize their owner’s smell?

why do guinea pigs smell each others bums

Dogs are the most loyal animals among others but here we are concerned with guinea pigs. However, guinea pigs have also been shown to demonstrate the same enjoyment for socialization with their human beings. When human beings are in their presence, they want to see, smell and hear the voice. These traits demonstrate that, yes, guinea pigs do recognize their owner’s smell when they are around them.

Sometimes guinea pigs like dogs are also so attracted to their owners that they can recognize their voice and smell from so far. In the absence of their owners, they feel so depressed and lonely.

Do guinea pigs kiss each other?

why do guinea pigs smell each others bums

Well, kissing is a sign of affection and your love for somebody. It is quite obvious in the case of human beings but in the case of animals, this may seem a little strange, but it’s perfectly normal.

It is a sign of affection. Being guinea pigs social little furballs, they also love to groom and cherish one another. Summarising this I will say again, kissing of guinea pigs is perfectly normal. You don’t have to worry about the guinea pigs.

Do guinea pigs like to be put under their chin?

It is also seen that people hold the guinea pigs in their arms or cuddle with them by taking them under their feet and sometimes show affection by hugging them. Every individual has a different way of expressing his/her love for pets and animals.

Let’s start by petting the guinea pig’s head or under the chin. Sometimes the back area might even be an area to avoid for some people. You should observe your guinea pig’s body language and you should listen to vocalizations for clues about how he or she feels about these actions.

Final thoughts on Why Do Guinea Pigs Smell Each Other Bums?

The greatest emotion in the world is the emotion of love and every creature on this planet has a different way of expressing love. So among all guinea pigs also have a way of expressing their love to their fellow beings. They smell each other bums to express love, to cuddle, to go along with each other, to enjoy the company of each other. So, if your pet is expressing such kind of behavior to others then don’t worry about that. It’s normal.