Are my guinea pigs fighting or playing and why does they do it

are my guinea pigs fighting or playing
are my guinea pigs fighting or playing

Are my Guinea pigs fighting or playing? This is important to understand because guinea pigs are less happy when they are alone. They have a better quality of life if they live with two or more pigs.

They are always involved, and sometimes some of their play may look aggressive. This behavior can make it difficult to tell if your pigs are playing or fighting.

Chasing the light, sniffing are considered playful. Despite all the bites, hostile intentions and any act that leads to bloodshed are considered truly warlike. At this point, you need to step in and start taking action carefully.

Guinea Pig bonding can be seen as a fight


Sometimes when your pigs are bonding it may look like they are trying to fight on their own.
That is because in our view they do not seem to love each other the way they do. This is a common behavior of guinea pigs, but you should know the difference.

It can be hard to tell if what you are seeing is inclusive. So if you want to know if your guinea pigs are properly tied up and are bonding well and not fighting then keep reading you will probably find your answer.

To establish domination can be a struggle

Another behavior that can be mixed with real fighting is when guinea pigs try to establish superiority.
This behavior looks like a real fight but as their binding process, it is completely natural.

If you are unsure of the governance of the Guinea pig and how long it can take, you can keep reading to make sure you are not disturbing this natural behavior.

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Are my guinea pigs fighting or playing

are my guinea pigs fighting or playing

To understand normal bonding and their dominant behavior you need to understand that a social media game is being played here. These may include; humping, Smelling the buttocks, Raising his head, chasing after each other.
Those examples are among the most well-known practices among Guinean pigs when they bond and when they try to determine who is in charge.

This is natural and is not considered a real war, and it should happen when two guinea pigs come together.

If all goes well, the guinea pigs will live in harmony together. Don’t worry if they don’t seem overly friendly, guinea pigs need their place most of the time. But when they feel like it, they’ll play alone.

When are your Guinean pigs just playing

Happy and playful pigs are easy to spot. Remember their social media game is considered playful or passionate.

When guinea pigs are happy alone they will whistle, purr, among other voice and body shows.

If your Guinea pigs love each other, they will also participate in other sports such as running in a cage or playing with toys.

When your Guinea pig hides from time to time, don’t worry! This is not a bad sign at all as Guinea pigs like to be alone all the time.
The best thing you can do in this situation is to leave the Guinea pig alone and think that there is nothing wrong with it.

When are your Guinea pigs fighting

First, if there is blood or serious injury, separate them immediately. This is a direct result of the moral struggle. Other combat behaviors may include; Bite attacks with the intent to injure, diving into another guinea pig with full force, aggressive teeth chattering, And a full physical fight.
These are all signs of incompatibility. When this happens, you need to separate your pigs.
If you catch them in the middle of a battle, you should not use your hands to separate them. It is best to wear thick gloves so that you do not suffer from itching or scratches.

But don’t forget about the possible social game domination among Guinea pigs.

Chasing, raising their heads high, and sniffing butts are not aggressive behaviors in themselves but in some cases, can be extremely violent.

You need to allow this natural process to happen as long as there is no bleeding or injury. If that happens, split them up.

Why do Guinea pigs fight?

There are many reasons why Guinea pigs fight. Some of them you can control as you keep yourself in a calm environment to keep stress levels low.
While some may not be possible to fix, such as they just do not fit.

You should understand that guinea pigs may engage in unnecessary violent behavior if they do not love each other.

Guinean pigs do the same to humans when it comes to communication. Guinea pigs are heavily dependent on personality to see if they will get along with another pig.

If they do not love each other, there is not much you can do about it.

How can we control fighting or playing of your guinea pigs

Finally, there are some things you can control to avoid violence among Guinea pigs.

Three factors that can lead to violence in an unsafe environment are; Cage size, Enough food for all your pigs, Stress levels.
First is the size of the cage. Guinea pigs need cages large enough to move around and exercise freely, as they are active animals. If the cage is too small, the guinea pigs will fight on their own.

The second is food. If there is not enough food for everyone, the guinea pigs will violently fight whatever is left, they will not share.
Third and this is hard to measure pressure. If they live in a stressful area, they will argue and it will be difficult to keep your pigs calm.
However, did you get your answer to are my Guinea pigs fighting or playing? We hope this article was helpful for you.