Can guinea pigs eat wood and what are the reasons?

hand of woman feeding young guinea pig
Cute beautiful Guinea pig in the petting zoo. For all purposes

Have you ever noticed that your guinea pig has started chewing its cage? As a responsible owner, you probably wonder why it happens and whether it is common behavior or symptoms of a root cause. You may also be concerned about the health of your pig’s chewing wood that may be harmful. And this question must disturb you that can guinea pigs eat wood?
Well, you are not alone. We have seen many people asking the same question. So we thought it would be a good idea to answer all your questions about pigs and their love of chewing on wooden houses.

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What is the main reason guinea pigs chew wood?

hand of woman feeding young guinea pig
Portrait of red guinea pig. Close up.

Before we get to that point, though, we need to understand why a guinea pig chews so much. The reason is simple. Unlike humans, guinea pigs have good teeth, which is a good way to say they do not stop growing.
One of the most important reasons your pig will take to chew wood of its cage is because it needs your extra attention.
The most effective way for a guinea pig to keep its teeth fixed is to chew pellets and hay. If they cannot do this, they may have a serious dental problem known as malocclusion and painful sores on the inside of the mouth and tongue.
It makes sense, doesn’t it? But why do guinea pigs turn in their cages? Especially if there are a lot of pellets with rich fiber and hay in front of them?

Is it ok for Guinea Pigs to chew wood?

It is very good for your pigs to chew wood. But what you need to remember is that not all wood is suitable for guinea pigs. Cedar, redwood, pine, and eucalyptus are just a few fragrant species of wood that are not safe.

When choosing a hutch, always go for one that is not made of processed or treated wood. For example, dyes and glues contain toxic ingredients for guinea pigs.

Which wood prefers to be chewed by guinea pig?

To be honest, guinea pigs like to chew on all kinds of wood, but they especially like the branches of fruit trees. Just make sure that any branches or shoots you give your pigs have not been sprayed with any kind of chemicals. Because pesticides comprise toxic ingredients for pets.

Can guinea pigs eat wood and what are the reasons behind it?

While it is common for guinea pigs to chew wood, it can also be a sign of a basic problem. We have found some reasons why your pig may be chewing wood.

Your Guinea Needs More Attention

One of the most important reasons your guinea pig will take to chew wood its cage is because it needs your extra attention. If you see chewing gum going on, you are more likely to walk to the cage and talk to your pet. You can even pick it up to hug and confirm. Without realizing it, your guinea pig has found you. And in the future, to get your attention, your Guinea pig will chew wood from its cage.

They may feel distressed

Chewing wood from its cage can be a sign that your pig is stressed or scared. Just as we chew our nails, this is your guinea pig’s way of dealing with it. But identifying what might be stressful for your pet will take time and effort on your part. Extreme noise, a family dog ​​, or a dominant hutch-mate are just a few examples that can be stressed. Observing the behavior of your guinea pig, such as its daily routine, its interactions with other pigs, and its atmosphere, are just a few things you need to be aware of.

Unfortunately, if Guinean pigs are housed in a very small area, they will chew the wood from the cage. When buying a hook, always go to the big one you can afford. When pets have to run and check on us, they are very happy and slow. If space is a problem, go find a hall and use the combination.

Your guinea pig are bored

Boredom can lead to various behavioral problems in pigs, including chewing on their cages. Have you checked (re-checked) to make sure your pet has a lot to do? When was the last time you discovered something new for your pig to explore and discover?

Your Guinea Pig is trimming its Teeth

Remember, we said that Guinea pig teeth continue to grow throughout their life, which is why it needs chewing and chewing? However, if your pig dips its teeth into the wood of its cage, it may be because there is not enough chewing available.

Make Sure Your Guinea Has More To Chew


Chewing is your pig’s way of keeping teeth fixed. Without enough grass and pellets, your guinea pig will turn into something better… it’s wood of cage. Make sure your cavy has access to good quality grass products, fiber-rich pellets and vegetables, and fruits. You can also give your pet delicious dangling woodrolls, willow sticks, and grated rice and grass meal.

Well, the answer to Can guinea pigs eat wood is yes they can and it is safe for them.