How long does gi stasis last in rabbits and how is it treated

how long does gi stasis last in rabbits
how long does gi stasis last in rabbits

How long does gi stasis last in rabbits? Well, we can say that it is a potentially dangerous condition in rabbits when the contraction of the abdominal muscles and intestines decreases and the normal bacteria in the digestive tract are inactive.

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Why do rabbits become depressed with go stasis?

Bunnies with GI stasis can quickly become depressed and may show symptoms of pain such as toothache, etc. They may also start producing too much gas and sometimes diarrhea. If this is left untreated, severe cases of GI stasis can be deadly.

What are the Causes?

There are many causes of GI stasis including depression, dehydration, and anorexia from other medical conditions below or intestinal obstruction. The most common cause is a lack of raw fiber in the diet, in particular, grass.

Why is hay essential and how long does gi stasis last in rabbits?

Hay is essential for normal bowel function. Pellets contain grass but some brands contain many other types of ingredients. Some pellets are chopped and processed into a fine, easy-to-digest product, which is beneficial for rabbits.

Can GI Stasis be effectively treated?

If your vet has decided that there is no intestinal obstruction, there are a few treatments they wish to use to help your rabbit in distress. As a general rule, do not perform any of these procedures or attempt to administer any of these drugs without the supervision of a vet who is knowledgeable about rabbit problems and treatment.

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Does hay provides the best environment?

Hay provides the best environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria that grow in the rabbit’s digestive tract. Hay also allows the passage of hair that is usually not absorbed by the rabbit. Without enough strands, hair can accumulate in the abdomen causing partial or complete closure, as rabbits cannot vomit.

As the number of bacteria in a rabbit’s digestive tract changes, the germs that make up the gas can multiply and cause a buildup of painful, excess gas. Some gas-producing bacteria that produce deadly endotoxins can cause rapid death.

What are the Symptoms and how long does go stasis last in rabbits?

Symptoms of GI stasis include very small (or not) pellets, sometimes clinging to the bottom of the rabbits.

With GI stasis, the normal, quiet rumbling of healthy intestines may be replaced by more noisy, violent gurgles (we can say also gas!) Or silence. The rabbit may be weak, lose his appetite, and may hunt on the ball, grinding his teeth in pain.

Treatment of Gastrointestinal (GI) Stasis

Abdominal massage

One of the most effective ways to rejuvenate lazy intestines of rabbits is to use a gentle massage. Place the rabbit on a protective countertop with a towel or on your lap, if the rabbit feels safe there, make sure it can not jump and injure itself. With your hands and fingers, gently massage the abdomen.

Rub deeply as the rabbit will let you, but back off immediately if he expresses pain. We found that lifting the rabbit’s back gently a few inches helps the gas to pass more easily, and seems more comfortable than a rabbit.

Once he has experienced the first surprise of being caught in this way, the rabbit will often allow his legs to bend more comfortably and easily as massage helps the gas pockets to get to the exit.

The rabbit’s internal organs are very soft; care must be taken to avoid self-harm and to make matters worse.

After a little physical exercise, try an electric vibrator. This seems to be as effective as a hand massage, and it is worth investing in a specific type of massage that has a large, flat surface that can be held against the rabbit’s abdomen for a relatively long time.

Press the massager firmly against the abdomen, start at the bottom and work your way up. The rabbit may be surprised at first, but almost every rabbit we have tried for massage has settled down and enjoyed the cool vibrations.

In addition to rejuvenating the muscles, massage appears to help break down gas bubbles and relieve colic. Massage long and often as a rabbit will allow and enjoy.

Fluid therapy

Many affected rabbits become dehydrated or suffer from electrolyte imbalance.


This drug helps to reduce the amount of gas in the digestive tract.

GI Motility Drugs

These drugs can help regenerate the digestive tract and start working properly again.

Pain relief

This is important to relieve the discomfort associated with GI stasis and discomfort


Many rabbits with this condition have lost weight or no longer like food. It is usually necessary to supply or supply liquid hay products (Essential Care, Oxbow Vet Products) by syringe.


Rabbits that eat alone should be encouraged to eat grass.
Treatment of other underlying medical problems If tests reveal additional problems, these should be treated as well. We hope you have got your answer to how long does gi stasis last in rabbits.