Why Are My Flour Tortillas Hard? Try This Fix!


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Why are my flour tortillas hard? Making flour tortillas at home from scratch is easy. This is not to say that it is easy, especially for the first time. I soon discovered how difficult it is to get a shape and thickness after trying it myself.
After watching YouTube videos on how to make flour tortillas. I felt ready to bring out the amazing homemade tortillas. I even kept my phone close and found one of the playing videos.
As I followed and began to knead the dough, I began to knead the dough. When I released my first one, I realized that this was not as easy as the video made it appear.
Here is my first tortilla of flour from the beginning.

The type looks like a dirty sock! Don’t worry though I’ve gotten better as time goes on.
I have a picture of a single flour tortilla flour top. It was the least I could do that day.

It reminds me of pancakes when you have to check a few at first. Until you get a warm mixture of cooking and ingredients well. The same thing goes with making tortillas from scratch.
Trying to make my tortillas helped me with research on this common question. In this post, I can give possible answers to help make thin tortillas, and share what I have learned.

Why are my flour tortillas hard?

why are my flour tortillas hard

Why are my flour tortillas hard? This is a common story that many people have when they make flour tortillas from the beginning. When your tortilla comes out too thick, the dough becomes harder to cook and you end up with raw tortilla.
Thin tortillas are very fragile and have no taste for dough. The problem is usually caused by a few simple mistakes made during the process.
Here are some common reasons for getting too many tortillas.

  • Not allowing the dough to rest enough
  • Overworking of the dough
  • Skipping ingredients
  • Using the wrong ingredients
  • Dry dough

Why are my flour tortillas hard? I think it takes a lot of practice and knowledge to make the best tortillas. Most people will find that buying them in a store is very easy.

Why are my flour tortillas hard?

Now I think it’s important to go into more detail about the common mistakes made when tortillas are made

Not Letting The Dough Rest Enough

The dough has been lightly kneaded and ready to be shaped and cooked. He needs to rest for a while, which means let him sit before doing anything else with it.
Place the dough wrapped in a towel inside the bowl. The bowl in which you mix the flour is the one I use.

Cover the dough with a towel. This keeps the dough alive and builds up the crust. Towels work well because they cover well but allow less airflow.
The dough should rest for about 5 to 10 minutes. Resting the dough gives the flour enough time to fully absorb the extra water. It also allows gluten-free flour to relax, reducing elasticity.

Overworking The Dough

It is important to knead the dough first. Because it wants the gluten to build a bond. Working the dough makes this gluten stronger. The problem is when the dough is overworked.
This creates a crumpy, crumpled dough and is difficult to roll or press down. If your dough is stretched and returns to its original shape, then it may be overworked or need more rest.
I would say you only need to knead the dough for about two minutes by hand.

Dough Is Too Dry

why are my flour tortillas hard

This is a common problem and probably the dough I was using would be too dry. Luckily this is easy to fix, just use a lot of water. The dough should be smooth after mixing. So there should be no wrinkles or separate clumps.
The dry dough is hard to make or remove and difficult to cook. As the heat of the dough will dry out even more. You do not want the dough to be wet but moist enough.

Skipping Ingredients

Another problem that can cause tortillas is overcrowding. It does not use the right ingredients. There are many different types of tortilla recipes and not all cost the same.
So this may not be a problem for some, but if you have a thick dough this may be the reason.
Baking powder is a commonly missed ingredient. If your tortillas are made without them, try using them next time.
Even though tortillas are often baked, the baking powder works when you add water to the flour. It will help to release more carbon dioxide from the dough and increase the volume and make the dough lighter.
yeast-based agents such as reducing or baking powder should be used in flour tortillas. You can use one or both.

Using Wrong Ingredients

I don’t want to say that these are the wrong ingredients. Like that is not necessary. You can add any type of oil or vinegar to the tortilla dough.

How To Make Tortillas Thinner?

Once you have received errors made during the preparation. You can try these methods to get a thin tortilla.

Keep The Dough Well Floured

Sprinkle extra flour on a rolling surface to avoid stickiness. At first, the dough stuck to my roller, so I tossed the flour into the dough.
Doing this makes it easier to remove the tortilla.

Do not use Press For Flour Tortillas

It has been suggested that the printing press be used only for corn tortillas. While the flour tortillas are rolled by hand. I also think you can get thin tortillas by rolling them. Since printing is usually set to a certain thickness.

Roll Thinner Dough

This may seem obvious, but sometimes the problem is simple. Roll the dough enough to get a very small tortilla. If the shape gets too big you can always cut it.
I found that rolling the dough in the perfect perfect circle is harder than it seems. I also used a large regular PIN for wrapping. So I suggest buying a little tortilla.

Why are My Flour Tortillas Hard? Strategy and Tips

Skilled tortilla makers have a wealth of experience. Perhaps you can pass many ideas on to the family.
I have read tips that I will remember in the future. Since baking is accurate I think it is important to follow the ingredients until the tee.
When watching videos others make tortillas, often measuring each ingredient by hand. So while it is a little cleaner rather than using a measuring cup I would not recommend it for the first time.

Why are My Flour Tortillas Hard?

You can easily be able to find the right answer to why are my flour tortillas hard by the following steps:

Get the Right Temperature

Why are my flour tortillas hard? It is about getting the temperature right. Finding the right temperature in the pan is very important. You can do a water test, by wetting your fingers and spraying the pan.
Wait for the Blisters to Form and Scroll
The water should explode and pour quickly, I tried a little heat at first. Do a temperature test and the water will stabilize first and then burst in seconds. I think it should evaporate right away.
My second tortilla cooked much better as I turned on the heat. I used a basic non-stick pan, so it might be better on a pointed metal.
The problem is that I left one cook for too long while I wrapped up the next tortilla. It was a little hot, but it would have been much better otherwise.

Why are my flour tortillas hard?

Be sure to roll up and down to the edges
I had read this before cooking them so it wasn’t a problem. The reason for this is that you do not end up with a crust. Again, it could have been easier with a small roller coaster.

Flour Tortilla Recipe

I followed the recipe from King Arthur’s website for “simple tortillas”. I wanted to make about half of that money. Just because I was trying so hard.
And the next time I can get lard I can try that instead of shortening it.
This can make four medium tortillas.

  • 1 1/2 Cups of Flour for All Purpose
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/4 cup Crisco Vegetable Shortening
  • 1 Cup of Hot Water (About boiling)

You can get the right answer to your question why are my flour tortillas hard? through this blog.

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