How is Soaking Rice for too long?


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Soaking rice in water before cooking is a traditional method of cooking rice. So it is good to know how long to soak rice? And what would be the outcomes when you are soaking rice for too long?

It is not anywhere to store wet or soaked rice for a very long time before cooking.

The best way is, you should store dry rice and cook soaked rice soon just to avoid bacteria.

Rice can be stored in the fridge but it isn’t possible to store soaked rice in the fridge for so long.

In case you have soaked the rice and then, you had to delay your cooking for a later time. In that case, the fridge is the best option to keep soaked rice safe.

How is soaking rice for too long?

soaking rice for too long

How is soaking rice for too long? Soaking rice for a longer period will lead to the fermentation of rice and it will allow bacteria to grow. don’t keep the soaking rice for long use them instantly, or in sudden cases keep them in the fridge.

How Long Can You Keep Soaked Rice In Fridge? First drain out the rice. Then seal the rice in a plastic bag or airtight container. Uncooked or already soaked rice can be kept stored in a refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days.

After passing a maximum of 3 days, rice would start to become too mushy and sticky. This also depends on the types and quality of rice along with weather conditions.

Here is an article on pre-soaking and what to know about rice preparation. Keep on reading this article, I hope it would satisfy your needs and it will encounter your all queries.

Can I Keep Soaked Rice in the Fridge/refrigerator?

There are two steps to follow when you are preparing/cooking rice.

The first includes the soaking of the rice. Here, you keep soaked rice in a container for up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Soaked rice can be kept stored at room temperature.

After passing 24 hours, you should drain the water from the rice and cook them as soon as possible.

When the optimum time has been passed for soaking and you have to wait for a longer period. 

Maybe due to some sudden incidents, you have to store the soaked rice.

You can keep the rice stored in a refrigerator for up to a maximum of 3 days.

While keeping the rice in the refrigerator, just make sure to seal or cover it in a container or bag.

A bowl with plastic seal wrap will work as well and will help in storing rice for a longer time.

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What Happens If You Soak Rice Too Long?

 You should soak rice in water maximum of 48 hours.

Excessive than 24 hours, rice isn’t going to absorb much water because rice reached to their optimum absorption level.

A tip to keep in mind while soaking rice is, keep on changing the water after 24 hours.

You can change the water in the rice when it becomes cloudy. This process is like washing the rice.

You can also wash/rinse rice before soaking it in water.

This process reduces the hectic of changing the water continuously from the soaked rice.

If you have to store rice overnight then change the water for once. If you want to store rice for a longer time then change the water after passing every three hours.

Soaking rice for too long can raise the problem of fermentation.

At this stage, the rice will become too mushy and sticky.

Does Soaked Rice Go Bad?

soaking rice for too long

 Soaked rice can go bad depending upon weather conditions and other factors.

Soaked rice can go bad within hours at severe climatic conditions at normal room temperature.

Dried rice can be kept stored at normal room temperature for a longer period.

 Dried rice isn’t exposed to any pathogens and any bacteria is not going to grow on dry rice. Wet rice is exposed to bacteria more than simple dry rice.

 ‘Fried rice syndrome’ makes rice bad which is commonly termed as rice poisoning syndrome.

It is the bacteria that live on uncooked rice and make them bad for eating purposes.

Rice syndrome can contaminate a batch of rice without coming in anyone’s knowledge.

The cooking process kills the bacteria but leaves the toxin chemicals on the rice.

how to get to know Rice Is Spoiled?

You might wonder about seeing changes in the texture/appearance of soaked rice.

You will probably think whether your rice has spoiled or just dirty because of being leftover for so long.

Unprepared rice may contain fungus/mold or even insects sometimes because of changing weather conditions.

Cooked rice can be bad if they are in the fridge for so long without covering.

One of the best ways is simply to smell the rice.

Spoiled or bad rice will give a foul or funny type of smell. It means they might have started to ferment, also cooked rice is a greater place for pathogens to grow.

Rice can pick and absorb bacteria/pathogens so quickly from the added things in rice to make them tasty.

Vegetables added to the rice may spoil the rice within a short period.

Benefits of Soaking Rice for too long:

A question comes to our mind that how long to soak rice? What are the benefits of soaking rice for too long? So, different types of rice require a different period for soaking in water.

Like germinated rice needs to stay in water for up to 4 days until the rice hasn’t sprouted.

You shouldn’t soak white rice as much long as it turned brown.

The main or prime benefit of soaking rice in water is that, soaking speeds up the process of cooking rice.

Rice needs to absorb water before cooking.

Soaking the rice can take time but it will reduce the overall boiling time.

Another benefit of soaking rice is, it reduces the arsenic levels in rice which rice picks up from the soil/land.

Make sure to drain the excessive amount of water and rinse the rice for more time to lower arsenic levels.

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