Can I Put Bread Dough in the Fridge After It Rises?


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can i put bread dough in the fridge after it rises

You all must be wondering, can I put bread dough in the fridge after it rises? Many times, people will want to make their bread dough early. So, on a busy day, all you need is to bake the dough and serve it as fresh as possible.

The idea is not as good as it saves you from doing the mixing, proofing, and baking all on the same day.

Letting Dough Rise in Fridge to Bake the Next Day

can i put bread dough in the fridge after it rises
preparing bread dough

One major problem with this method is that it can be tricky to get your bread dough in shape and let it stay overnight without risking its collapse or rising too much.

If you plan to avoid having to re-shape the dough the next day and just throw the dough in the oven. After that, I have a better way to do that again.

Besides letting the dough rise in the fridge is a great way to improve the taste (with a slow test) and allows you to start the morning with a new baking dough.

This guide will tell you exactly what you need to know and how to avoid the problem mentioned.

Can I Put Bread Dough in Fridge After It Rises?

You are probably thinking that can I put bread dough in the fridge after it rises? So, in case you are not ready to quickly bake, the dough you made from the beginning. Or after giving you a chance to get up, then you have a few options to help ensure that the dough will stay as fresh as possible.

Yes, you can keep the dough in the fridge for 3 days. The dough will continue to rise but slowly moves to cooler temperatures. Place the dough in a sealed bag or covered container before storing.  Fortunately, this will not have a negative impact on the dough, but there are some good tips you should follow first before doing this.

How To Store Bread Dough Overnight in A Fridge?

can i put bread dough in the fridge after it rises
handmade organic bread dough

Since you want to save on baking in the future, maybe in the next day or two. The best way is to keep your dough overnight in the refrigerator.

Here are some tips and ideas to look for while storing bread in the refrigerator overnight.

Store Dough in A Loaf Pan

Do this differently from just placing the dough on the outside or in a container. The pan won’t just keep the bread in shape (which means you don’t have to roll out the dough and just put it in the oven).

But you will not get skin around the whole dough. The skin where oxygen begins to dry out the dough that forms the skin or unwanted crust. This skin is not always bad but can be difficult to remove after its formation.

You May Need to Punch the Dough

Because freezing the dough will not completely stop the yeast function. The dough will continue to rise rapidly until it is completely reduced.

Sometimes during the first few hours, you may need to beat the dough. Dough piercing means simply pressing down on the rising dough to allow it to rise excessively.

Don’t Let the Dough Dry Out in The Fridge

It is also important to consider the dough can dry out in the refrigerator. The outer parts of the dry dough will form the skin, preventing further growth during baking.

It doesn’t matter if the dough is already raised or not. You should cover the dough or cover the container you put the dough in. If the bread is in the pan, you can just put everything in a plastic bag.

 Place In Refrigerator Sooner Than Later

It depends on whether you first go up in the fridge or inside. If you are going to rise (proof) the dough before the fridge. After that, make sure you don’t prove it for too long. As the refrigerator will not immediately stop rising.

As the temperature cools the yeast will decrease and so will the increase. This can take 5 – 10 minutes in the fridge. It depends on the size of the dough and how cold it is.

So, it is best to get the dough in the fridge as soon as it reaches the finish point. An easy way to tell is that the dough is almost doubled in size. This will prevent the dough from leaking or being underproof.

What may not prove well may be that it has not yet risen sufficiently before baking. Over-assurance that there was too much time to wake up.

Instead of letting the bread rise to room temperature first. It would be better to bake cold bread. Regardless of the gradual increase, the taste of the bread becomes more complex.

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How Long Can I Put Bread Dough in The Fridge After it Rises?

dough for bread
dough for bread

Keeping the dough in the refrigerator is a great way to store it overnight. But what if you want to keep the dough for a long time?

The maximum time you have to keep the dough in the fridge is for 48 hours. If you want more, it can also take an additional 24 hours or up to three days but the risk of the dough drying is too great to keep going.

All of this goes into small details, such as what temperature your refrigerator is? How long did you allow the dough to rise and ferment before?

Also, remember that it is always best to refrigerate the dough as soon as possible. Waiting a long time and the dough will not stay long in the fridge.

Can You Bake Dough Straight Out of The Fridge?

If you have dough in the fridge and a pre-heat oven. So, is there a reason not to put the dough in the oven right away?

Taking your dough out of the fridge and putting it directly in the oven will work just as well as raising it to room temperature. This method is actually better because you do not risk the dough from fermenting over.

One thing to consider when the baking time will be a little longer using the dough in the fridge. Since the dough will simply take longer to heat when chilled.

Although depending on the size of the dough, this difference can be trivial. So, I wouldn’t worry about adjusting the baking time too much in that case.

When it comes to pizza dough this is a big problem. Unless you plan to bake the dough first before adding any filling. And by the time you roll out the dough, it will be warm enough.

Don’t worry about adding pizza after what you’ve done. There is little chance that the dough will stay cold at that time. So, I wouldn’t have to worry about pizza dough too much.

How To Save Time and Work Making Bread

bread dough making
bread dough making

Making bread can be a great learning skill. The ingredients are simple and the process is easy. Still, there is a learning curve to make the best dough and if you are still thinking can I put bread dough in the fridge after it rises? You have your answer.

For example: What kind of yeast can you use? Lots of water to add etc.

To make things easier, consider investing in a bread maker. Bread machines go up and bake together, allowing you to set the time for it to be ready.

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So, you can still make the dough progressively and prepare it at the right time for baking. It takes a lot of guesswork and also makes cleaning a lot easier.