What are the best sides for Philly cheesesteak


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Serving sandwiches alone might not be enough in food for a family dinner or when hosting a get-together party at the home of friends or family. So, do you want to make extra delicious sides for Philly cheesesteak?

Well! You have quite a variety of options available in the market from where you can choose. Every dish listed below will suit very well with the flavor and taste of Philly cheesesteak sides.

Here is given a list of 10 side dishes to serve for sides for Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

What Side Dishes to Go with Philly Cheesesteak sides?

Philly cheesesteak
Philly cheesesteak

Philly cheesesteak sandwiches themselves are very delicious and tasty. So, you don’t really have to worry about preparing multiple dishes for Philly Cheesesteak sides.

Normally, the best side dishes or most common or usual sides which work well with the Phillies are deep-fried dishes of food including French fries or onion rings which are used on a routine basis.

Make thinking also about serving the hamburgers with Philly cheesesteak sandwich as a side dish. Some versions in the Philadelphia dish are very near to a cheeseburger.  A combination of both can be named fast food.

So, you really don’t think to make your meal fancy or really extravagant which goes out of your budget. The sandwich itself doesn’t have just less filling but has also a lot of flavor in it which feels so tasty.

There are multiple options available to make good Philly cheesesteak sides that can serve a variety of toppings to make your Philly cheesesteaks so amazing and interesting.

That’s why simple potato fries or even potato chips look and taste really well with Philly cheesesteak sides.

On an extra side note:

You would be surprised to know that the term Philly cheesesteak is also used for a special type of topping or for a version of something. For example, Philly cheesesteak pizza.

So, let’s go towards the list of 10 side dishes that can be served with Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. Then as an additional bonus, I will also include an alternative to a side dish or something extra which you can serve with your sandwiches to look amazing.

1. French Fries:

French fries
French fries

Probably, it would be the most common side dish which is served with Philly cheesesteaks. So that’s why commonly it is ranked as number one.

French Fries and cheesesteaks work side by side same as hamburgers. So, most of the restaurants even the most famous ones will also serve French fries with their sandwiches.

You can also use multiple varieties of fries like standard, cut steak fries, potato wedges, and curly fries which are most easy for you to make.

If you want a little more creativity then you can also consider cheese fries, garlic fries, or even sweet potato as side dishes for toppings.

One thing, which might be done is to make Philly cheesesteak fries themselves which would include the meat and cheese in the fries. This would set the best.

These are also known as Philly fries or loaded French fries on a normal basis.

This is quite possible that it might take away from the sandwiches, but if you have extra meat available then it could be set as a good appetizer.

2. Onion Rings:

onion rings
onion rings

Another amazing side dish to use with your Philly cheesesteak sandwich is onion rings. There is no fixed rule to make onion rings. You can bake onion or deeply fry them as well. 

Make homemade onion rings for better taste or you can buy some frozen ones as well if you don’t have time available. 

Any kind of onion rings will set good with the Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

You shouldn’t make onion rings and French fries together at home. Instead of combining both just focus on one and make them the best.

3. Nachos:


 The Nachos not only make a good side dish but you can also serve them as an appetizer along with cheesesteaks.

The best thing about nachos is that you can use some complimentary toppings to work them well with your Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

Again, if you have additional meat leftover from the sandwiches along with some of the same toppings you could add these to the nachos for a better outcome in food. Basically, making the twist of the whole meal of a meet with Philly cheesesteak.

4. Salad:

sides for philly cheesesteak
sides for Philly cheesesteak

Salad is also a better side dish for Philly sandwiches. It works better with almost everything. Also, a salad is made up to gain the Fibers which doesn’t exist in an overall meaty and cheesy sandwich dish.

But besides that point, another reason is that you’re not making the cheesesteak sandwich to be so healthy it’s just a portion of fast food. So, take it as that.

5. Coleslaw:


 Do you know Coleslaw doesn’t look like a stranger ingredient in being as a side dish for Philly cheesesteaks sandwiches? 

The vinegar included in the coleslaw offers a good contrast to a Philly cheese streaks sandwiches.

The best thing about coleslaw is that you don’t need to cook it.

 It can be served at any time and anywhere without the frustration occurred when you have to cook something. It also doesn’t need to keep warm it can be served cool.

6. Chips:


Yes, chips even just plain potato chips can also be used as a side dish for Philly cheesesteaks sides. Salty and crunchy sort of chips set best with a warm Philly cheesesteak sandwiches 

Regular or wavy potato chips of any brand can be served in smaller individual bags along with cheesesteaks.

These prove so handy to you because you don’t have to overcook them. They can also be utilized for an outdoor picnic with family or friends. These are so easy to make that even you can make and fry them at home for instant use.

The easiest and quickest way is to just pour a bunch of chips into a bowl and serve them at the same time with your Philly cheesesteaks sandwiches.

7. Mozzarella Sticks:


Deep fried or baked Mozzarella sticks can also make a good complement with the Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

If you have the time available with you then you can make homemade Mozzarella sticks or you can buy frozen ones as well from the market. Just serve Mozzarella sticks with a dipping sauce for better taste. Marinara doesn’t really complement better with the cheesesteak sandwiches. But, I have doubt that someone will complain that these are better compliment but it is just choice of you own.

8. Mushrooms:

sides for philly cheesesteak
sides for Philly cheesesteak

 I have also added mushrooms to the list because they are occasionally an extra topping to a Philly cheesesteak sides sandwich.

You can even fry mushrooms or just sorted out. The best one would be a Portobello mushroom which is enriched with quality and goodness. 

Fried mushrooms are normally deep-fried and have had topped with spices of different kinds to look and make it so yummy.

You should also be aware of the fact that a lot of people don’t really like mushrooms.

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9. Potato Salad:

Potato salad
Potato salad

 The Potato salad dish can also be considered as another side dish to consider for sides for Philly cheesesteak.

 A simple and routine-based potato salad can be made in under 40 minutes. It won’t take you more time.

Another amazing thing about potato salad is that it can be served both in cold or chilled form. 

So, you can prepare it before the meal. Then, you don’t have to worry about whether these can be served as fresh or it’s ok to serve as cold.

10. Blooming Onion:

blooming onion
blooming onion

 I mentioned this one in the last because it could be the best idea when thinking about making the sides for Philly cheesesteaks sandwiches. 

The blooming onion will surely surprise your guests or family at get together. Although, you might be in need to watch some cooking videos or find a good recipe on the internet to follow for a better outcome.

Especially, if you have never made blooming onion before ever in your life.

You can either deep fry blooming onion or bacon in the oven whichever fits your needs and time availability. 

Alternative Idea to side dishes:

 The bonus idea which I had mentioned above that I will give over here. Instead of serving a side dish along with cheesesteaks, simply provide extra condiments or add additional toppings ingredients for your Philly cheesesteaks sides.

In this way, your guest or family can customize their own sandwich according to their preferred level of taste.

Toppings that you can include Pickles, banana peppers, sorted mushrooms, caramelized onions, sweet or spicy peppers, and lettuce in your Philly cheesesteaks sandwiches for extra taste and beautiful cover.

Extra sauces which could be used for taste include hot sauce, steak sauce, ketchup, or mayonnaise which is preferable for your taste and daily usage.

Always use and select the side dish that is just affordable and according to or meet your demands of taste and preferences. Never go beyond the table just to fantasize about the meal.

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