How to Melt Butter in Microwave Without it Exploding?


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How to melt butter in microwave without it exploding? Because you must after cleaning the interior of a microwave filled with butter spots. I wondered if this was the best way to soften a new butter stick? So I’m looking for a good answer to be sure.

Microwaving butter to melt or reduce butter. It can lead to rapid butter heating and splattering. Creating mess inside the microwave.

Let’s look at what causes this and how to prevent it.

I’ve run into problems with having a cold butter stick that you can’t spread on bread before. After many times of this, I wanted to find a solution.

Here’s how to melt butter wisely using a microwave. Also, ways to achieve soft butter without a microwave.

How to melt butter in microwave without it exploding?

how to melt butter in microwave without it exploding

Butter often explodes in the microwave due to the separation of fat and water content inside the butter. Water tends to heat up faster than fat and has a problem with expanding that causes it to spread.
Butter absorbs heat well in the microwave. You have a slight heat problem.
This is due to overheating. Microwaves can heat food very quickly which is why it is so easy, but it also makes it easier to burn the butter.

Butter also tends to heat evenly. Sometimes the inside of the butter is hot before the outside. It causes smoke to get trapped inside the butter and this can lead to explosions.

The main reason that your butter explodes in the microwave is that it heats up very quickly.
This is often the most common cause of microwave and eruption. There are several solutions and methods to soften or dissolve butter Safely.

Why Does My Butter Splatter?

There are two possible reasons why your butter is spattering in the microwave. One reason I have covered is that the microwave is very hot.
The following reason may be related to the butter itself. Not all store-bought butter is made equal. Some types of butter may have less fat and more water.
This is where the problem begins, high-density jars of butter can be scattered over high-fat butter.

Any butter 80 to 85% butterfat has a very low moisture content. If you have low water butter the chances of dispersing are reduced.
No matter what type of butter you use there are still ways you can prevent contamination in your microwave.

How To Microwave Butter Cleanly?

how to melt butter in microwave without it exploding

Another way to microwave butter without causing contamination. Can change the power setting in your microwave.
Usually, the default settings will be too hot. Also, the rapid heat of the microwave is what makes the butter explode.
So, next time before you want to mail or soften the butter. Turn on the power setting in your microwave lower.

To change the energy level in the microwave you usually enter the cooking time first. Then adjust the power level to start the microwave.
The power level is usually from 1 to 10. Generally, 10 is the default setting and the highest.

How to melt butter (soften or melt) in microwave without it exploding?

You must be wondering till now that how to melt butter (soften or melt) in microwave without it exploding? Here are two types of it.

The softness of the butter is determined by how easily it spreads. You should be able to use the knife completely on it. Soft butter near room temperature. It is ready for use in bread and melts quickly in small portions.

The melted butter has turned into a liquid. You should be able to pour butter. Some baking recipes may require melted butter. It is also commonly used over popcorn.

Soften Butter


When softening the butter using a very low preparation. Which is the first level. Still, watch the butter as it is in the microwave. It should not take more than one minute.

One power level in most microwaves is also used to defrost So you can use a defrost setting, but most microwaves ask for the weight of the meat you are consuming.

Don’t worry about what weight you put in as this only affects the time spent by the microwave.

So, if you are just trying to soften the butter just add a little weight. This would be 1 lb. or 0.1. The heavier the weight you put in when the extraction will work longer. By using a low number, you reduce the risk of burning butter.

You can soften the butter in a buttered bowl in the microwave, just leave the butter uncovered. Make sure that the meal is safe with a microwave, earthenware, or glass.

Remove the lid of the dish to see the butter. Also, this allows you to feel the butter with a knife, without removing the lid.

Melting Butter

You can use high power when melting butter. A three or four power level works well. However, it will not take long and you should pay attention.
Melt the butter in a bowl so you can hold the liquid.

It also allows you to move it as it melts. You can pause the microwave, stir in the butter and continue to melt. Until the butter has reached the required melting point.

When melted butter is in a bowl. It is important to cover the top of the container. You can use a paper towel or napkin to do this.
Thus the towel holds any spray. The threat that comes with butter can also be used.

Smart Ways to know how to melt butter in microwave without it exploding?

Probably the smartest way to reduce fat is to do it at room temperature. This may take up to 1 hour. Depending on the room temperature.

In a warm room, it can be less than half an hour.
You can also cut the butter rod into pieces. After that let it stay out of room temperature. This will speed up the process even further.

Another tactic would be to heat the lid of a bowl of butter. Then cover the butter for a few minutes with a warm lid. You can do this by heating it with hot water.


how to melt butter in microwave without it exploding

How to melt butter in microwave without it exploding? You must have got your answer. The reason most people do not recommend using a microwave oven is that. Butter heats up very quickly and can get out of control.

The best way to prevent this is to know your microwave settings. Use low energy levels to dissolve and soften the butter.

Check to see if you can buy a different butter. One with low humidity. Remember to leave the butter stick out, and enough time to soften it before your meal.

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