Is baking two lasagnas at once possible?


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Lasagnas have become one of the most favorite family holiday meals. So in the case of a large Holiday gathering or friends party, if you have to make more than one lasagnas. We are here with an article on baking two lasagnas at once at the same time to facilitate you while cooking. 

Baking two lasagnas at once can be done in the oven at the same time by placing them in a separate pan. You can either place lasagnas on the same rack side by side, or you can use the bottom and top racks separately while baking. The best method is that you should use the middle rack for baking two lasagnas at once. Bake lasagnas at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 35 to 45 minutes.

So as we know that, lasagnas can be baked in the oven but, there are some other variables that you should consider while baking lasagnas at once or while two things at once.

One variable is if you are baking frozen lasagnas consider that the cooking time and temperature would be different. 

If you are using an older oven while cooking then it won’t bake evenly. There are some steps which you should take to ensure the even cooking of both lasagnas. Let’s dig into more details about how to bake two lasagnas at once. 

Baking Two Lasagnas at once:

baking two lasagnas at once
homemade lasagna

Lasagnas can take a bit longer to bake in the microwave oven but the wait will be worth it by ending up with delicious lasagnas.

Here we are discussing baking two lasagnas at once, luckily it does not take twice the time or effort as long to bake two things at once. We should bake two lasagnas at the same time.

So, if you have enough space in your oven then you wouldn’t have to face any problem in baking two lasagnas at once.

Especially if you are using a convection oven while baking two things at once.

Convection ovens are designed to distribute the heat evenly throughout the oven while the process of baking.

Some pans block heat from circulation to the whole oven and this could be a serious issue because this creates trouble in the proper baking of food.

Baking the two lasagnas on the same rack/pan will result best. Make sure that, there is enough gap between the two pans which allows air to rise between the pans and circulate throughout the whole pan.

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How to bake two lasagnas in an oven?

The reason behind baking the lasagnas together in the middle of the oven is, the temperature will circulate equally in both pans. 

If you are using the top and bottom rack separately then you might take the risk of the lasagnas baking differently at a separate period.

The lasagnas on the bottom rack cook from underneath much faster, while the top rack lasagnas might not be done as much faster as compared to the bottom rack.

So if you have enough space on one rack that you can put two pans on it then you can go for it. If you don’t have enough space then here is how I do it on two racks while baking two things at once.

When you have to bake two lasagnas one on the top rack and one on the bottom rack. Here is the easiest way for baking two things at once evenly. 

You’re baking the lasagnas for 45 minutes. Here you’re going to move each pan.

Simply swap up the places of each pan. Move-in the way that the bottom one to the top and the top one to the bottom. 

Do this halfway while baking time. In this way, each lasagna will take equal cooking time for the same amount of time in each spot. 

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Baking Two Frozen Lasagnas:

lasagna on the metal plate
lasagna on the metal plate

You would probably think that frozen lasagnas would be so different to bake. Well, you can bake two frozen lasagnas as well at the same time.

The baking time for frozen lasagnas might be significantly different as compared to a thawed or fresh one. More time is required actually to properly bake the lasagnas.

There are two reasons why baking lasagnas take a long time. One is that the two frozen lasagnas drop the oven’s temperature before the process of baking starts.

The temperature gets lower in the oven even if you have preheated the oven for few minutes and it will take time to bring itself back up to the temperature you have set for baking two lasagnas at once.

The other reason includes that, frozen food usually takes a longer time to heat. Apart from taking the normal cooking time, it will additionally take about 50% of the time.

So, if you have set out a 45-minute cooking time then you could add about 22 additional minutes in cooking time. A baking time of 1 hour would be enough for baking two things at once. 

Here is mentioned below a conversion table for thawed and frozen food based on baking times.

Baking time for thawed food Baking Time for frozen food
20 Minutes30 Minutes
25 Minutes38 Minutes
30 Minutes45 Minutes
35 Minutes53 Minutes
40 Minutes60 Minutes
45 Minutes68 Minutes
50 Minutes75 Minutes

How Long To Cook Two Lasagnas:

There isn’t much difference between the baking time for two lasagnas as much is required for a single pan of lasagnas. 

You can follow the recipes of cooking time which are told on digital media or present in written form. Always add time when you are reheating frozen lasagnas.

An effective way to save your time would be to thaw out your frozen lasagnas in the refrigerator overnight. After that, you can bake lasagnas without adding any additional time during baking two lasagnas at once.

There are a lot many recipes available to make lasagnas. Cooking time will vary depending upon the size and number of layers of the lasagnas.

The most common and readily used cooking temperatures are 350°, 375°, and 400° F.

Baking times can fluctuate from 30 minutes to 55 minutes. I would prefer to bake the covered lasagnas with foil for about 30 minutes, then remaining 15 minutes I will remove the foil from the lasagnas.

45 minutes are the most appropriate and the most average time for baking lasagnas. 

You should allow the lasagnas for rest after baking for about a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes, so the ingredients could mix well with each other and it doubles the taste and flavor.

Helpful Tips:

baking two lasagnas at once
lasagna on the plate

To help you out and make your baking process smooth while making lasagnas, here are some useful tips which you should follow.

If you are baking two lasagnas at once to serve a large group of people. 

Try to make the lasagnas in advance at least a day before the actual serving. This will save a lot of additional cooking time which you can serve in managing something else. 

Lasagnas can take a minimum of up to 1 to one and a half hours to fully bake. 

 When you are baking two lasagnas at once then double this time slot like 2-3 hours. The cooking time includes the cooking of the beef and the noodles even before baking the whole lasagnas.

You can freeze your lasagnas maximum of up to 2 days. Thaw the lasagnas in the fridge overnight before baking and serving.

One common problem with making lasagnas is that it contains an excessive quantity of liquid. 

You should drain and dry the noodles completely after boiling to rectify this problem. Make sure to use a thicker sauce by adding thickening agents like corn starch or flour to make a thin sauce.

Another great tip for baking two lasagnas at the same time is to always use a glass baking pan. This way can help you to see into the lasagnas during the time of baking.

Best Lasagnas Pan:

lasagna with cheery tomatoes
lasagna with cheery tomatoes

You can use glass, ceramic, aluminum, or stainless steel pan for making lasagnas.

Glass and ceramic pans have a lot of similar properties.

They required a long period to heat up. Drastic temperature changes make pans fragile. 

An excellent ceramic dish that is used to make lasagnas can be found on Amazon by clicking on the link here.

Aluminum and stainless steel both are good conductors of heat. They get heat faster as compared to other pots.

Metal pans make great for crispy pizzas and pies and foods. Lasagnas are crispy slightly from the top.

The best type of pan for making lasagnas is either glass or ceramic made pan. They take a bit longer to heat up that’s why they will bake food even more evenly.

Both pans also hold the heat very equally. So, you can also serve your lasagnas in these pans, it will keep the food warm.

You can find an inexpensive Pyrex baking dish on Amazon from this link: here.