How to Clean Potatoes without Brush?


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It is considered that when someone says you to wash the vegetables that you should literally wash them with soap or any cleaning detergent.

Potatoes and all vegetables are in needs to be rinsed off so well before cooking them but, there is a huge difference between washing vegetables with soap and cleaning them in a way.

 So, it could remove all the dirt and bacteria from their surfaces.

How to Clean Potatoes without Brush? You should not use soap to wash the potatoes because, the smell of the soap can ruin the taste and can destroy your health as well. As, potatoes are grown in the soil. So, they could not be washed good enough to be dirt or germs free. Rinsing or scrubbing a potato is better enough to clean the potatoes without using soap or any bacteria which are on the surfaces of potatoes.

Prepping of a potato is good before you are going to begin the process of cooking. The potatoes bumpy skin dirt can be left trapped on the outside of the potatoes.  Although, scrubbing the dirt off from the potatoes is one step. It is not enough to make sure that the potato is cleaned but its far better than other process or to be left uncleaned.

Good Reasons to wash Potatoes:

how to clean potatoes without brush
how to clean potatoes without brush

Potatoes are grown in soil and can have dust and germs available on the outside.

This can come to you through sitting potatoes in a grocery store or from being when shipped on a truck to reach them to local area.

Bacteria also come from the place where the potatoes are grown like in the fields or normal open land.

 Animals like birds, can poop deep into the soil or the water which is used for irrigation can let bacteria to grow.

 Even, organic soil and fertilizer contain harmful bacteria and chemicals which are so injurious to your health.

The person who is susceptible to germs and especially quick to get infection should adopt precautionary measures while handling the raw produce or any vegetable.

One good habit could be adopted to save yourselves from infections is that avoid eating any dirt that is still remaining on the potato skin.

 There are even slight chances for small bugs to be on the potato still leftover uncleaned but, you should be as much cure as much you could be.

Potatoes are included among those vegetables which are most heavily sprayed vegetables.

The soil where they are grown is exposed with fungicides and the potatoes can soak up these chemicals very evenly.

After process of harvesting, potatoes can sometimes be treated with pesticides to minimise the chances of infections and bacteria.

There are lot many methods available to cook and eat potatoes. Some of those ways to cook potatoes can lessen the worry about cleaning the skin as much as you can. Such as peeling the skin a potato first.

What if I’m going to peel the potatoes?

how to clean potatoes without brush
how to clean potatoes without brush

 First method of how to Clean Potatoes without Brush? IS told over here:

Some people don’t consider it important to clean the outside of the potatoes because the skin is going peeled off. Well, that could be true in some way.

You will not be eating the part of potato that might could have dirt and bacterial germs.

The risk has been reduced but, while peeling you still are touching and handling the potatoes with your hands.

Bacterial or any nasty germs that are available on potatoes are going to be in your hands and then could attach with potato pieces. There is still a good reason to wash the potatoes first then peeled off the skin.

The potato peeler can drain out all nasty germs from potatoes and it will need to be washed with any soap and then with hot water afterwards.

Every vegetable should be washed properly before handling and cooking.

Potatoes that are peeled off they start to turn to black colour. So, it is best way to not leave them out for very long when once their skin is taken out.

What If I’m going to bake the potatoes?

   Have a look at another method of how to Clean Potatoes without Brush?  If you plan to bake the potatoes then still it is great to wash potatoes first then put for baking.

Baking potatoes in an oven can kill all the germs but it will not remove dirt particles or any sort of chemicals available on their surface.

Same happen when you wrap potatoes in foil and grill them. Heat can disinfect the potatoes but it could not wash off any chemicals from potatoes.

Heating up the chemicals on the stove could even prove worst. If it breaks them down or causes chemical to cook onto the potatoes.

This can’t be said with guarantee but it will really not prove good if it happened for

So, be careful while baking up the potatoes or heating them. Your little mistake can endanger your life.

Do You Have To Wash Potatoes Before Boiling?

How to encounter the query how to Clean Potatoes without Brush? When you are going to boil the potatoes.  Even, if you are going to boil your potatoes then still it’s good to wash potatoes first.

Most of the dirt available on the surfaces of potatoes will come out when boiling them but there still could be pockets left where it will remain trapped and will not come outside.

For that reason, a brush works best to ensure that the potato is free of all dirt particles.

Especially, when you are going to boil them in a soup then you really don’t want any of the dirt from the potatoes left over in the soup.

 If you are just boiling the potatoes for normal usage or any other sort of purpose then draining the liquid will remove all sort of dust particles. In that case, it will not be as much big deal.

Still it is suggested that: always wash your potatoes before cooking them whatever that sort of cooking is.

Scrubbing Potatoes without a Brush:

Scrubbing potatoes
Scrubbing potatoes

 Best way of how to Clean Potatoes without Brush? Is told over here:

 If you do not have a handy vegetable brush available then you can use a simple paper towel to scrub a potato.

Wet the towel with warm water and start rubbing the potato from the outside.

Scrub the potato softly. You should not act as sandpaper like which is used to remove the skin while utilizing the paper towel.

This will help to remove a lot of dirt from the potatoes. You will notice that while scrubbing the potatoes, paper towel become dirtier. Which is the sign of the cleanliness of potatoes.

If you have to clean a lot of potatoes at one time then, you can use more than one paper towel for better outcomes depending upon how dirty the towels get after cleaning each potato.

The paper towel are usually so strong that they are enough to drag the “eyes of the potato easily”.

Should you clean/wash all the Potatoes at once?

 No, you should only wash/clean and scrub the potatoes which you are going to cook right now.

Lastly, you can properly dry them for storage for later use.

Otherwise, any leftover moisture on the surfaces of potatoes can destroy them and then bad odours starts coming from the potatoes.

How is Cleaning a Potato with Vinegar?

  How is considering vinegar on how to Clean Potatoes without Brush?

 Vinegar and the acetic acid will disinfect from all the germs and it will also remove all dirt present on surface of potatoes.

Vinegar diluted with water is safe enough to drink as opposite to dish soap.

 So, if you want to use some type of cleaning solution to wash potatoes then vinegar is the safest and best choice.

Using vinegar to clean vegetables is best for removing bacteria from their surfaces.

It is more powerful and effective as compared to water but not much more than the process of scrubbing.

Vinegar is an amazing way to disinfect vegetables from germs but, it will take longer time and be somehow expensive than a brush that you can be reused again and again.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse out the potatoes well with normal water to remove vinegar smell from vegetables.

How is washing Potatoes in a Dishwasher?

 Let see another way for how to Clean Potatoes without Brush?  If you are in need to clean a lot of potatoes so quickly then using a dishwasher for washing potatoes is an effective way.

Remember one thing, no soap is needed to wash potatoes.

Simply, place each potato individually in the racks of your home dishwasher, make sure that they shouldn’t roll around.

The technique you want to use is rinse only cycle for once.

 Never use warm/hot water. This could steam out the potatoes gently and can ruin the taste of potatoes.

This is a great way for letting a lot of potatoes washed so quickly at once but you should not substitute scrubbing in all the situations.

When they are gone through the cycle process then, take them out right away and let them to dry.

These can be used for whatever the way you are going to cook potatoes.

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Whom to Scrub Potatoes With?

There are lot many ways told over here to justify how to Clean Potatoes without Brush?

There are special scrubs available in market which can be used to wash/clean the vegetables.

Potatoes do not require such special brushes for cleaning. Just look for vegetables brushes in market when you go around for shopping outside.

 A brand total new toothbrush would work but it quite possible that it work too small or slow. Always look for a brush which have a wide grip and a big bristle surface.

 That will work better.

Common Names for Vegetable Brushes are like that:          

  • Vegetable Brushes
  • Vegetable Scrubbers
  • Vegetable Hand Scrubbers
  • Potato Scrubbers
  • Potato Brushes

I ordered a vegetable brush after using a paper towel for too long period of time. Now, I’m capable of washing potatoes so quickly and they look even, more clean when washed with brush as compared to scrub.

I select the Cuisipro Flexible brush for my kitchen and it’s really easy and handy to grip while washing the potatoes at usual normal basis.

Always make sure this thing that brush should be so clean before using for washing the potatoes or any vegetable.

 Also drain some water from the brush to rinse the brush off and get it wet first for best results.

Do all potatoes need to be washed?

A Farmer
A Farmer

Yes, all potatoes should be washed thoroughly before cooking or any use because they are grown in the dirt and are exposed to same contaminants.

 Red potatoes, gold potatoes, russet potatoes and even Idaho potatoes should all be scrubbed or washed before taking them for cooking.

 This will take off all the dirt from the potatoes and make them healthy and fit for health.

Organic potatoes do carry fertilizers or herbicides on them but they are much better and safer than non-organic potatoes. That’s why, organic potatoes should be scrubbed and rinsed properly.

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