How Hot Does A Charcoal Grill Get?


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charcoal grill

It’s an age-old controversy, charcoal OR gas? One primary difference between the two is one’s capacity to survive the heat the grill emits. Many a griller has fought over which grill operates best and what the usage of gas over charcoal or vice versa tells about your grilling skills. Some believe the potential to utilize a grill’s heat properly, manipulate where the warmth goes and how increased or low it gets, is the accurate sign of a griller. 

meat on a charcoal grill
meat on a charcoal grill

Charcoal grills get relatively hot, but the temperature will differ counting on the kind of charcoal utilized, how extensively, and how the grill is prepared and utilized. Most charcoal grills heat up to temperatures around 650 degrees F° and might be worthy to reach over 1000 degrees depending on the kind of charcoal.

But how does that correlate to a gas grill? And once you obtain the temperature where you expect it, how do you handle the heat?

Which Is Hotter, Gas Or Charcoal?

how hot does a charcoal grill get
charcoal briquettes firing up for the grill

Fire is fire, you declare, the heat of a grill is going to be similar no matter even if it is gas or charcoal. Well, you couldn’t be besides wrong. They 2 use different fuels and those fuels burn at distinct temperatures. It confides us that how hot does a charcoal grill get.


A charcoal grill burns lump charcoal/charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes are composed of sawdust, leftover woods, & different items that are burnt down in the scarcity of oxygen until the sap & moisture have been eliminated. Lump charcoal is wood that also goes through a similar procedure as briquettes but without the additions, so you are given up with pure wood. Confiding on which one you utilize and how you grill you will get distinct high temperatures.

  • Lump Charcoal With Lid Open: Lump charcoal operates much hotter for a lower duration of time. Typical lump charcoal sparks with the lid open will strike 750 degrees F°.
  • Briquettes With Lid Closed: Just closing the lid will reinforce 200° to your grill. These coals will burn approximately 650° to 700° Fahrenheit.
  • Briquettes With Lid Open: Cooking with the lid open will restrict your temperatures. Briquettes top off approximately 450° Fahrenheit.
  • Lump Coal With Lid Closed: These coals will top out at about 1000° Fahrenheit, sometimes even hotter. 

While Lump coal will provide you the most heat, it will not survive that long, which renders it great for burning but not very productive for lazy cooking & indirect heat. Briquettes burn cooler but will last longer than you think. This gives us an idea of how hot does a charcoal grill get.


While gas grills may be supported by several because they are fast and lenient to light and get started, however, you are going to lose heat. Propane, the extensively common gas utilized with BBQ grills, burns quicker than charcoal. With the lid open, standard gas grills attain temperatures approximately 500° Fahrenheit. With the lid shut down, they move up to about 550°.

Few high-performance gas grills argue they attain extensively higher temperatures, but those grills are going to amount you a pleasant penny. Still confused how hot does a charcoal grill get? Don’t worry we have covered you.

Adjusting Charcoal Grill Temperatures

Although it is lenient to modify the temperature on a gas grill, it is probable to do on a charcoal grill as well.

Here are some points that may be useful for you.

  • Raise The Temperature: You have to boost the quantity of oxygen that the coals are receiving. Most charcoal grills possess 2 vents, 1 on the lid and 1 on the underside of the grill close or with the ash pan. If you open the vents of the grill, you will improve oxygen flow and increase the temperature.
  • Lower The Temperature: To reduce the temperature you need to cut off some of the oxygen from the grill. You would do this by shutting the vents. Do not shut the vents rapidly or you will choke the coal out.
  • Smoke or Slow Cook: To do this in a charcoal grill you require to establish indirect warmth for your food. Take your coals on one side of the grill and the opposite side cook your food.

This is how hot does a charcoal grill get. But if you still have some doubts. Let us clear it.

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How Do You Keep A Charcoal Grill Going?

how hot does a charcoal grill get
barbecue grill with charcoal

Simply because charcoal burns hot does not tell that it is the nicest option. One of the whacks against charcoal is that they go out. Gas grills will burn much longer than their charcoal companions with a full tank, particularly if you go with lump charcoal. Luckily for all the charcoal enthusiastic, there are always paths to keep the grill going even when the first batch of coals burn out.

Add More Coals

The easiest procedure for your grill to keep it burning is clearly to place more coals. When the heat begins to reduce to a useful level, just decrease unlit coals on the lid. The lit coals will prompt the new coals and you will retain another 45 min or so of cooking.

The thing to know about this procedure is that you are going to give the new coals some time to light. If you leave food over coals that have just stood lit then what will be too fierce and you will burn the exterior of the meat and leave the inner uncooked. Do you want this?

However, If you are going to add additional coals to the pit, you prefer to pause your cookery for 5 to 15 minutes to permit the fresh coals to warm up properly. This is how hot a charcoal grill get with coals.

Charcoal Chimney

If you don’t want to hang back your cookery for the coals to heat, the nicest thing to do is utilize a charcoal chimney. This is an appliance that enables you to heat coals before you add them to the grill. 

To keep your charcoal grill going using a charcoal chimney you should try the following measures too.

  1. Set Down On Heat Resistant Surface: You are establishing a fire, so you like to lay the chimney down someplace where it will not result in damage. If you do a bunch of grilling, you may like to hold on to an obsolete kettle grill for this goal. An outdoor fire pit is another tremendous place to set the chimney up.
  2. Load in Coals: Pour the quantity of coals you expect to light into the chimney.
  3. Light The Fire: Use a lighter to sparkle the newspaper in various spots through the vents at the underside of the chimney.
  4. Let Them Burn: Leave the coals in the chimney until they whirl to grey ash. When prepared just place the lit coals onto the already-lited grill.

Never walk away from the chimney while you are looking. Put it in a place in your house that you can effortlessly handle while you resume cooking. I hope it gives you an idea of how hot does a charcoal grill get.

Snake Method

how hot does a charcoal grill get
outdoor grilling salmon

If you are looking to slow cook your food or smoke, there is another procedure of burning your grill longer. It is generally known as the snake procedure. The procedure has you organizing the charcoal in a strategy where they burn a limited number of coals at a time.

To set up the snake method you need to follow the few points below:

  1. Grab eighty to a hundred pieces of charcoal.
  2. Establish 2 rows of charcoal fractions in a semicircle, 1 against the verge of the grill, the other against the 1st row.
  3. Now add 2 more rows of charcoal, top of each of the 2 you have already established.
  4. Put a water pan in the heart of the grill & semi-circle that is ¾ full of water.
  5. Place a few portions of charcoal in a chimney, get them lit and whirled to grey ash, and spot them at one end of the “snake.”
  6. These will continuously light the coals opposite to them. The procedure should take hours to complete.

The snake procedure should retain a temperature between 225° and 250° Fahrenheit for 12 to 15 hours. If you like to boost the temperature, try loosening the grill vents. If you want to reduce the temperature you should shut the vents. Remember to never entirely shut both vents or you will cut off all oxygen to the coals in the grill and will put them out.

Enjoy Cooking on a Charcoal Grill

A charcoal grill gives rise to a delicious flavor to whatever you grill on it. Undress if how to keep just the exact temperature will assist you to make terrific dishes time and time again. Also, I hope now you have got the point of how hot does a charcoal grill gets. Therefore, always chose the best when you are with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. Because in the end taste is all that matters. Right? So, always make the right decision when it comes to food.