Can you freeze a cheese ball for a long time?


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cheese ball

Cheese balls are a delicious mixture of cream and various grated cheese along with various artificial flavours. which are rolled in nuts or crunchy toppings. You might plan on making cheese balls before a holiday or event to make them more exciting or you have accumulated more cheese balls to eat later on. You would be wondering about its proper storage so, they can last for a long time. Do questions circulate in your mind about whether can you freeze a cheese ball? Or what are the else options to make them last longer?

So, to encounter your curiosity regarding can you freeze a cheese ball, can cheese balls be frozen? Or how can you freeze a cheese ball? Or what are the else methods to store cheese balls? We are here with an article to resolve your queries.

Can you freeze a cheese ball, can cheese balls be frozen? The answer to this question is yes, you can freeze a cheese ball. If you have bought cheese balls from the local market and you haven’t opened them yet means they are in original packaging then you can simply place them in the refrigerator. If you have prepared cheese balls at home then you can put them in the freezer after wrapping them in plastic or aluminium foil.

Keep on reading to know more about how to freeze cheese balls and how long can cheese balls last, and a few mistakes to avoid while covering and putting cheese balls in the freezer.

Can You Freeze a Cheese Ball?

marinated cheese ball
marinated cheese ball

If you’re preparing cheese walls for an event or large gathering then you will definitely make more than enough cheese balls to serve a large group of people. To serve them looking fresh, you’d rather freeze them to save cheese balls for later use, this is perfectly fine that cheese balls can absolutely be kept in the fridge and saved to last for long period. 

Can you freeze a cheese ball or not, it’s important to be aware of certain things before deciding what to do with cheese balls: 

  1. Freezing of cheese balls depends on the type of cheese or the ingredients which cheese ball contains while cooking. You can observe a change in texture/appearance when the cheese ball is thawed out. 
  2. If you are making cheese ball for holidays or events then avoid adding the crunchy layer before freezing cheese balls. Nuts, seeds, and/or pretzels will become soggy when the cheese ball will thawed out. 

How to Freeze a Cheese Ball?

mini cheese ball
mini cheese ball

The process of can you freeze a cheese ball or how to freeze cheese balls is simple.

but you should follow certain steps to ensure the quality of cheese balls while putting them in the freezer.

If you have bought cheese balls from the market and you haven’t opened them.

they are in original packaging then you can simply place them in the refrigerator without adding additional coverings.

If you have homemade cheese balls then you can put them in the freezer.

when you have to wrap them properly in plastic or aluminium foil.

A cheese ball will stay good in the freezer for about a maximum of one month.

When you’re just ready to eat the cheese ball, you should definitely allow cheese balls for about 24 hours.

then let it rest for about 15 – 20 minutes before serving to people.

so, the cheese could spread in the whole ball properly and it tastes better while eating. 

It’s best to avoid rolling your cheese ball in a crunchy or jam/jelly topping before putting it in the freezer.

these final servings can be added once the cheese ball has thawed out and is nearly ready to serve. This done will increase taste, makes cheese balls look fresh and yummy to eat.

How Long Does a Cheese Ball Last? 

can you freeze a cheese ball
mozarela cheese balls

Can you freeze a cheese ball or Can cheese balls be frozen or how long does a cheese ball will last? It will generally last for a minimum of about two weeks in the freezer. 

Freshly prepared and properly covered cheese balls will stay good for about one month in the fridge.

If you want to make cheese balls to use later either at a family gathering or friends party and want to save or freeze them for a fresher taste. move ahead and make them, wrap cheese balls properly, and then place them in the freezer where they will stay good for near about one month.

If you are leftover with the cheese balls that have been sitting out in the refrigerator that you’d like to freeze. consider the following instructions while saving them in the refrigerator: 


Cheese balls can stay good in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Before placing them in the refrigerator make sure that your cheese balls don’t contain tuna or salmon ingredients. These ingredients will shorten the time period for which a normal cheese ball can stay fit and tastes better.

Aroma and texture. 

The smell tells a lot about the quality of a product. First, smell the cheese balls before placing them in the freezer. If the cheese balls smell is not ok then simply throw them outside. Don’t take risk of placing them in the freezer because doing so can ruin your other products as well. Look at the cheese balls and observe whether there is any mould on them or it’s perfectly all right. If you are observing any problem then go ahead and discard the cheese balls.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t leave the cheese balls for more than two hours at a party or gathering.

Keeping cheese balls at room temperature for too long can lead to harmful microorganism growth.

which can cause sickness and serious fatal diseases.

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Mistakes to Avoid:

can cheese balls be frozen
party bites cheese balls

 There are a few mistakes which you should avoid while thinking can you freeze a cheese ball or making a cheese ball.

because, that simple mistakes can affect the quality of the cheese ball.

Using cold ingredients.

Cold ingredients will make a lumpy cheese ball. If you are going to freeze a lumpy cheese ball, it definitely won’t thaw well. If you let your ingredients out at room temperature before making and freezing. The cheese ball then probably you won’t have to sacrifice the texture or aroma once it is thawed. 

Using crumbly cheese. 

Dry and crumbly cheeses won’t blend so well and it will definitely never create a smooth cheese ball. Smooth and creamy cheese will blend and spread in the whole ingredients so well. When placed in the freezer, this will ensure that the cheese ball will remain completely spreadable. 

Not letting the cheese ball chill.

An important mistake which most people do is, they don’t let cheese balls take a rest. Letting the cheese balls chill in the refrigerator for hours will allow the cheese balls to hold the proper shape.

It is important even if you want to make cheese balls instantly then still let the ingredients chill for sometimes for the best taste.

Cheese Ball Ideas:

can you freeze a cheese ball
cheese ball in olive oil

Here are few unique cheese ball recipe ideas and better explained can you freeze a cheese ball with some freezer-friendly hacks. 

Savory Cheese Balls:

  • Dilly Cheese Ball. This cheese ball contains 2 tablespoons of mayo. Mayo can be frozen, thawed, and eaten form. It can separate out from the ingredients and leads towards the change in appearance.
  • so, whether you include this cheese in the recipe or not it’s your choice.
  • Party Cheese Ball. Party cheese ball contains a lot of creamy cheeses that will make this cheese ball great for freezing. Just wait until it’s ready to serve before rolling in pecans and parsley for great outcomes. 
  • Classic Cheese Ball. Can cheese balls be frozen? This much tried and authentic recipe can absolutely be frozen. Just hold off on the pecans until it is ready to serve. 

Sweet Cheese Balls:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Ball. This is a super freezer-friendly dessert cheese ball recipe in all the cheese balls up till now. An amazing benefit of this dessert cheese balls is that, you don’t have to wait for the cheese ball when completely thawed to roll in a coating layer. For this cheese ball, you can roll cheese balls in the peanut butter cups and peanut butter chips before putting them in the freezer.
  • Red Velvet Cheese Ball.  This is another freezer-friendly dessert cheese ball recipe. You can choose this recipe if you like to roll the cheese ball in the chocolate chips. 
  • Cake Batter Cheese Ball. This is a cake batter cheese ball freezer-friendly recipe.
  • It would be better to have complete hold off on the sprinkles.
  • in this way, colour of recipe can be preserved. 

Final Thoughts on can you freeze a cheese ball?

Whether cheese balls are sweet or savoury, they are a delicious and yummy snack to serve at gatherings.

Cheese balls are definitely a great option whether you want to make them for instant use or you want to make a lot of cheese balls and want to save them for sudden cases, it is completely your choice.

Properly covered cheese balls can last for about one month in the freezer.

cheese balls should be fully covered because a little mistake can endanger your whole effort.

There is a number of ways you can make a cheese ball freezer-friendly like freezing, thawing, and a lot more. Make sure that your cheese ball is enough creamy. Do not roll the cheese ball in a crunchy layer before putting them in the freezer.

I hope that you have known all about freezing cheese balls. Hopefully, you can save some time while preparing for the next holiday or event with more taste and long last!