Eight Best Desserts to Serve with Lasagna


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desserts to serve with lasagna

The best desserts to serve with lasagna are widely open for debate. You can try one or two mixes until you find something you – and your family – like.
Well, it should not be a difficult time to find a good match, as it boils down to individual tastes, your kitchen skills, and how much time you can plan to kick the side. That said, here are some great dessert options for an unforgettable dinner.

What Desserts to Serve with Lasagna?

You want to make a delicious dessert with your Lasagna. Being selective will make a big difference in your diet. Instead of dessert, you can serve almost anything.

These desserts are similar and complement your lasagna. Here are 8 ideas I would recommend trying.

1. Tomato, Red Onion, Dill and Feta Salad

desserts to serve with lasagna

A simple salad can make a healthy pair with your delicious lasagna. Tossing a few cake samples will make a great salad after lasagna.

Cut dill, red onion, tomato, and cheese; then, mix. This combo is beautiful in the summer and helps balance those ‘heavy’ kinds of lasagna.

Make sure the red onions stay in cold water for a few minutes to remove the strong acidic flavor. Alternatively, you can toss and freshly chopped peppers once set.

2. Arugula Salad


This is one of the best desserts to serve with lasagna. Here is another salad option you should consider behind your lasagna. Remarkably, this salad is full of vegetables. Leafy vegetables can be anything from asparagus, lettuce, kale, and artichokes.
In this case, however, we recommend arugula.

To prepare this, combine your arugula (about five cups) with sliced ​​(unmixed) parmesan cheese.
The salad is easy to put on – you will need just two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil.
Surround yourself with fresh black pepper and a pinch of kosher salt.

3. Antipasto Platter


An example like a salad, an antipasto dish makes a delicious dessert with lasagna.
Interestingly, this option is easy to make. All it involves is putting some of your best food in a bowl. These foods can include cheese, meat, vegetables, and fruits because they all depend on your taste.

Since you can customize and customize logins, the options are almost endless. You can easily make several variations on each diner without shedding sweat.

4. Garlic Prosciutto Brussels Sprouts

Some of the special desserts to serve with lasagna if you are not a big fan of antipasto platters and salads but are still looking for a way to meet your desired vegetable consumption, roasting would be a good idea.
Culinary speaking, it is thought that roasting completely can create a hot taste in your dish, which may not be found in other recipes.

Frying can turn your vegetables into delicious flavor bombs that can blend with your lasagna. This is also a good way to influence the opinions of those who hate vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, and asparagus.

Preparing Garlic prosciutto Brussels is not rocket science. Other than that, the ingredients are few and far between.
To prepare, first, the pre-heated oven to 400 ° F. Place the skillet over medium heat and add the melted butter. For a good extract, add in some prosciutto. You can substitute prosciutto for bacon, depending on availability.
Set Out Current Mix.

How these desserts to serve with lasagna ?

Add a little butter and a slice to two cloves of garlic. Expect garlic to cook this year with pepper and salt. Now, add your Brussels sprouts, toss in your oven, and allow to roast for about 8 minutes.

5. Garlic Roasted Tomatoes

If you can find a cherry tomato, roasting is another good option after lasagna. To prepare, preheat your oven first to 300 Ω F. Then, garnish with cherry tomatoes with salt, olive oil, Italian spice, pepper, and finely chopped garlic.
After adding the ingredients, transfer the contents of your container to the baking sheet. Allow the tomatoes to roast in your oven for about an hour so that they are soft and fragrant. You can keep it in an airtight container and top it with olive oil. Try these desserts to serve with lasagna.

6. Honey Roasted Carrots

Aside from garlic, there is another flavor that spices up your vegetables; honey-fried carrots are an example.
To prepare, preheat in your oven before 300 Ω F. Then add a small number of peeled carrots (about two pounds) and sunflower oil (three tablespoons), pepper, and salt to a baking sheet or frying pan.

Allow the carrot to roast for about 30 minutes. Sprinkle each with two tablespoons of honey and white wine vinegar. After that, return to your oven for 20 more minutes.

7. Fried Chicken Wings

desserts to serve with lasagna

Here’s another easy option. To prepare, add a pinch of pepper and salt, ½ a teaspoon of mustard powder, one teaspoon of garlic powder, ¼ a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to two cups of flour because these are essential ingredients.
Pour 2 inches of vegetable oil into the pan and heat to 350 ° F. Fry the wings in batches to make sure they are well cooked and avoid mixing. Leave for about 8 minutes, until they look well cooked and crispy.

When done, place the wings on a plate or tray filled with paper towels to help remove excess oil. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

8. A Wrap of Desserts to Serve with Lasagna

These are some of the deserts you can find with your lasagna for an unforgettable dinner which you might hit a few options which may result in hoping your guest likes one of them. But the last time we checked, everyone was cheering the crowd.

I hope you try the mentioned desserts to serve with lasagna and choose your favorite dessert for every event.

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