How To Cut Fresh Mozzarella And Best Slicers To Use


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how to cut fresh mozzarella

How to cut fresh mozzarella using different methods. I manage to slice the cheese for a famous pizza restaurant. We used a commercial slicer, but while preparing a meal at home there are some useful tools and ideas to try.

Even if you are not preparing a pizza, but using mozzarella for lasagna, salad or just serving pieces. Slicing fresh mozzarella can be more challenging than just slicing other cheeses.

How to cut fresh mozzarella? Use a sharp-pointed knife, preferably a serrated cheese knife or thin-bladed knife. Take the fresh mozzarella ball kindly with a hand. Begin cutting through and use the complete length of the blade.

That is an easy way to cut mozzarella, but it doesn’t always efficient. Particularly when trying to cut a ball of fresh mozzarella. So, if you are willing to take it to the following level.

There are some tricks and other tools to use. All are reasonable if you don’t already have them.

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Different Ways How To Cut Fresh Mozzarella Slices

how to cut fresh mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella can come in various forms. Ball, block, log, or pearl (which are small pieces of mozzarella with cherries). Fresh mozzarella is a free extra cheese, made just like cow’s or cow’s milk.

When cutting fresh mozzarella sometimes there are some problems that arise. Since fine cheese is very soft, it can be easily beaten or stick to a knife. This makes cutting cheese into hard pieces difficult.

One strategy that can be used, but I would not recommend it. Using dental floss to cut mozzarella. Apparently to use one that does not have a mint flavor.

This trick works without smashing the cheese. The difficulty is trying to determine the thickness of each piece.

Using a knife will work well to cut a fresh mozzarella. The knife must be very sharp. Here are three good tips you can use when using a knife.

1. Heat the knife before the use: This can be done by running it under hot water for a minute, and then drying it. Or you can warm the blade over the stove. Use this method when the cheese is frozen or chilled.

2. Use the oil on knife blade: Use vegetable oil and lightly cover the knife blade. By doing this in first place will be useful to prevent the cheese from sticking. Each slice will fall off the blade after every cut. Also, the blade will go down using cheese easily.

3. Cut the lot: Before you get the full piece, first, point above. Where you will cut. This works to help start the knife. It also allows you to determine the thickness of the piece you want.

How to make a new mozzarella ready to cut easily. Chill or freeze the cheese first. Some people may hate frozen cheese, as doing so can ruin the texture and flavor.

So, you don’t want to completely freeze it. Just enough to get a solid outside. Refrigerating the cheese works well but the freeze is quicker. Do this in the freezer for less than 10 minutes.

Using a different style of knife such as a cheese cutter or a cheese wire will work better than a regular knife. It is therefore advisable to consider buying a separate knife item together.

Best Cheese Cutting Knifes and Tools

how to cut fresh mozzarella
man cutting fresh mozzarella

Besides using a standard kitchen knife, you are wondering how to cut fresh mozzarella slices without using a knife. A special chef’s knife or cheese knife will work just fine. There are a few knife options you can use to cut the cheese.

Serrated Cheese Knife

These knives work well for cutting soft cheese. One unique feature of a serrated cheese knife has the blade cut out. Instead of solid metal, these will have holes in them.

The reason for doing this, is to create a blade that while cutting the cheese. It does not stick to cheese. There is minimum surface area for the cheese to stick to the blade.

Another feature is the limit of pronged blade. It works to collect pieces without moving them by hand. My recommended cheese cutter on Amazon: Prodyne CK-300 Multi-Use Cheese Fruit and Veggie Knife

Cheese Slicer

These kitchen utensils do not look like knives. Instead, they are a small handle with a rolling edge. Near the edge is a wire that is passes from one side to other side.

The wire cut the cheese and roller keep the width even. The cheese cutter is not sharp, but it uses a small metal wire to pierce the cheese.

Cheese slices can allow for very small pieces. There is not much drag because it’s only the wire passing through cheese.

If you use a cheese cutter, you can cut from the top of the block to the bottom, or go across the top. Going up will allow for longer pieces.

Some products have a flexible wire cutter. This means you can slide the roller closer or farther away from the wire. Adjust the thickness of the pieces.

One problem is that the width of the cheese should be the same inside the edge of the wire. Usually no more than 4 inches wider.

I was amazed to find this amazing cutter on Amazon. Slices of cheese on a marble base doubled as a serving dish. Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer with 2 Replacement Wires

Cheese Wire

cheese wire
cheese wire

The cheese wire is like a slicer. Without a roller and the wire is too long. The cheese wire is a single wire with handles on both hands. It would be a great place to use dental floss.

The strings of cheese cutter are perfect for large cheese blocks. They will work with soft but firm cheese that works best.

Using a cheese wire requires a lot of workspaces and it is very difficult to get equal pieces. The real purpose of the cheese wire is to cut with big cheese wheels. Like a knife that needs to be very long to do so.

Cheese Lyre

A Hile lyre is like a two-in-one for slicer and wire. There is a handle but it is only a square-shaped bar. The wire goes from one side to the other without a roller.

The lyre of cheese is difficult to use, but it can make various cuts in the cheese block. Works great with small cheese balls or cheese blocks.

Different cuts like points to make triangular pieces can be found with the harp.

Boning Knife

Although not a knife made for cheese at all. One is designed to cut bones from fish or meat. The reason it is recommended is because of the thin blade for slicing.

That is a curve and a small and thin blade of ​​metal works well for cutting cheese. You can have a lot of control too and it won’t smash the cheese.

Boning knives are also very sharp, some that can happen and some that can be easily changed. Making cuts in soft cheese is difficult.

Hollow Edge Chef Knife

The chef’s knife on the edge is empty, with distinctive features in the center. Each entry is evenly spaced and vertically near the edge of the blade.

These so-called “hollows” prevent food from sticking to the surface. And they help to reduce the drag of the blade.

There are a very wide variety of hollow edge knives. The type you would like a cheese cut would be a multi preparation knife.

Egg Slicer

Use an egg yolk slicer that can work for fresh mozzarella. The fresh mozzarella ball will have to be small enough to fit in a slicer dish. It may therefore need to be cut smaller.

The egg slicer would work just as well as using an egg. This can be a quick and easy way to cut mozzarella.

Can You Shred Fresh Mozzarella?


You might be wondering how to cut fresh mozzarella in shredders, is that possible? but it is not that easy. Another way to make it easier is to chill the cheese first. Put it in the fridge for no more than 10 minutes.

Also, use larger grate holes than smaller ones. Moisture in mozzarella makes it difficult as it mixes easily. Try removing the cheese from any excess liquid and drying with a paper towel.

One tool you can use is a rotary cheese grater. These are handmade tools that will capture the cheese quickly. Instead of rubbing it on the walls of a regular cheese grater.

You can load the cheese on a rotating grater. The blades are called drums and usually come in a variety of sizes.

My Favorite Cheese Slicers