Can you eat brown guacamole?


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Many times I have found lust in myself for eating some leftover guacamole from the food at the weekend. There is always leftover at home because I made usually more than enough needed. The guacamole sits on the backside of the refrigerator, but it doesn’t look much perfect. The green color turns out into a muddy green and pure brown. we always think, Can you eat brown guacamole?

I peel off the wrapping sheet and give them a quite closer look for better results. I still look some green and the guacamole smells perfect for a better outcome. After stirring it for a while I find out that:

Can you eat brown guacamole? Is brown guacamole okay to eat? The oxidation process turns the guacamole colors brown but it doesn’t mean that it has gone bad.

guacamole lasts for a longer period.

if they are exposed to fresh air or they are kept under a refrigerator.

guacamole ripening time span is normally shorter as compared to avocado.

perfect ripeness capable guacamole lasts longer

Can you eat brown guacamole? Guacamole: When Brown Can Stick Around.

can you eat brown guacamole
guacamole with avocado

Can you eat brown guacamole? Avocados have a thick lizard-like skin which does a great job of sealing the guacamole inside from the oxygen.

This helps to keep them looking fresh and as we all know that, avocados sometimes take a bit longer time to ripen up organically.

Like an apple core, a sliced open avocado will turn brown so quickly when it will be exposed to an open-air for a longer period.

A chemical reaction between oxygen and enzymes leads towards enzymatic browning. Enzymes cause fruit to ripe up frequently. When such enzymes are exposed to oxygen then they produce melanin enzymes which are brown pigments.

This is considered the beginning stage of the spoiling of avocado. Fruits do have their enzymes. These enzymes cause the spoiling of fruit after some time. This is a natural process that leads towards the molding of fruits and meals. Once the bacteria and mold start producing then their enzymes further speed up the process of the spoiling fruits.

Avocados along with certain other enzymes produce and release ethylene gas. This gas initiates the ripening stage of fruits. This gas also contributes to the spoiling of the fruit. Avocados hold up ethylene gas better than other fruits. This happened because of the oil’s present in the avocados.

It is the stage where guacamole should be avoided. Discoloration occurs fast with avocados as compared to other fruits. This does not mean that they spoil much faster as compared to other fruits.

if you are observing any changes in the color of the guacamole then first smell it and after that look at its surface clearly.

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Tips for Making Guacamole Last Longer:

sandwich with guacamole avocado and tomato
sandwich with guacamole avocado and tomato

Can you eat brown guacamole? There are a few methods available for making such guacamole that lasts longer. To prevent the guacamole from turning brown so quickly, this method is useful if you are making it a day in advance.

One of the reasons among a lot is to preserve guacamole to stop it from enzymatic browning. This happened because of the oxidization process. So to prevent it from oxidation you should seal off the guacamole from the air as much as it could be possible.

Lemon or Lime Juice:

Before sealing off the guacamole spritz some extra citrus (lemon or lime) juice on the top layer. Citric acid contains some antimicrobial properties that help to stop fungus or bacterial growth. The antioxidants from both citric and ascorbic acid slow down the further ripening process of fruits. They also preserve the fats that are found in avocado fruit.

  • Pros: It is considered an easiest way to help out the guacamole last for longer period of time while being staying out in the open area for few hours.
  • Lemon or lime juice are a part of the recipe, you shouldn’t include them in the recipe.
  • Cons: You can overdue it on the juice’s and change the flavour anytime.
  • This method does not work so well for storing guacamole for more than an overnight.
  • It takes a lot of citrus juice to cover the guacamole properly.
  • There are better methods available except this.

I have found that this method does not work much well for lasting for a much longer period. Apart from all that, I like and I prefer to use a lot of citrus juices in the recipe. By using this way, you can get the benefits, flavor and you don’t have to overdo it.


It’s quite similar to the juice method, you should try this method before sealing the guacamole. The idea is to have a strong layer of water on the top of the guacamole. The water does nothing special except stopping the oxygen.

Pros: This method keeps the guacamole green and fresh for a longer period.

  • Does not make the alteration in the flavour.
  • Cons: water can spill over from the guacamole if it is not placed in a container or jar with a lid.
  • Water source might not be clean as much it is required for healthy food.

Other Methods:

guacamole bowl
guacamole bowl
  • Another method is about placing the pit in the guacamole.
  • This trick has been debunked now, but it does also works to stop oxygen from reaching the parts that are present underneath the pit. Overall this method does not recreate the natural state of avocado or prevent it from browning anymore.
  • Red Onions last long.
  • Cut up onions release sulphur fumes. This is important in prevention of guacamole from turning brown. Instead of all that, you can also use onions in your food recipe and can get the preserving qualities at that time. This method will not stop a large bowl of guacamole from turning brown at faster speed.

How to Speed Up Avocado Ripening?

Sometimes avocados don’t ripen as fast as you need. If you want to speed up the ripening process for avocados then there is a trick by trying which you can enhance the level of ripening of fruits.

As mentioned above in the article, avocados emit ethylene gas. This is a plant hormone that causes and helps fruits to ripen naturally. This gas can be used commercially to ripen up fruits at a faster speed.

The trick is about using a paper bag to ripen the avocado. Put the avocados in the bag for a day. The bag will trap the gas inside and it will help the fruit in exposition to a concentrated dose of ethylene gas which will enhance the speed of ripeness of avocados.

You can even add different fruits like apples, bananas mangos, and a lot more. Apples release more ethylene gas as compared to avocados. This will speed up the organic ripening process of fruits.

Placing fruits on the counter does work but not as fast as covering them in the sheet works. The best way is to get to know, how to pick up the right avocado from the local market.

Look for such avocados that are dark green but they should have fresh skin. They should be slightly softer when you squeeze them with your hands.

Do not buy such avocados that are too squishy. If the skin looks dried out then most probably they have passed out their time.

Why Certain Avocado Never Ripen?

can you eat brown guacamole
guacamole with avocado

Have you ever had a stubborn avocado with you? The darn thing is mostly hard like a rock and it never softens up whichever method you use to break its stubbornness.

I tried this method once and I hadn’t had any idea about that at that time.

if an avocado is picked at so earlier time then it won’t have enough oil content in it? The fruit must reach a certain stage first before it is best to harvest, so it could taste better and be capable of easily eating process.

The avocados never ripen through natural processes and they are not in as much good anyway. There happened a big court battle back in the 1920s between California and Florida because of this very pathetic situation. avocado with less than a minimum of 8% fat/oil is unable for marketing purposes.

So if such a situation ever happens to you, keep in mind that it is always best to throw such avocados out or try and return them from where you bought them.

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