Fibrous Papule Of The Nose And Face

Fibrous Papule Of The Nose And Face
Fibrous Papule Of The Nose And Face

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What is a fibrous papule?

A fibrous papel is a place on the nose in which people acquire early adult life. A fibrous papel can measure with a diameter of 1 mm and 5 mm.
A fibrous papel is generally sturdy and like a small dome, but can sometimes surpass a little more, a bit like a small wart or a skin label.
A fibrous papel can be skin or red.
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Why do fibrous papules occur?

Fiber -like papels are benign (non -cancer -like) skin of the skin that occurs in aging. A person generally only has one lesion, or sometimes two. When investigated under the microscope, fiber-like Papels contain collagen and blood vessels. Their medical name is Angiofibrome.

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How is a fibrous papule diagnosed?

Sometimes it is possible that an expert will diagnose a fiber -like papels during a clinical examination. However, it can be difficult to distinguish a fiber -like papel from other skin growth such as a mole, a tumor of hair follicles or skin cancer such as cell carcinoma. More information about other growths that may look like fiber -like papels can be found here.
Fiber -like papels usually occur on the nose, but they can develop anywhere on the face, such as cheeks, chin or around the mouth.

What are the symptoms of a fibrous papules?

Fiber -like papels generally do not cause symptoms. They are removed for cosmetic reasons or because a histology test is necessary.

How is a fibrous papule treated?

A fiber -like papels can be scratched or evicted. It is always sent for histological tests if it is not possible to distinguish a skin tumor.

What happens during fibrous papule removal ?

Two methods are used to remove fiber -like papels.
• Scrap excision. The fibrous papel is scratched / shaved. The injury is then prescribed.
• Cautery. The skinetiette is focused by the electrosurgery with a very nice point.
An injection of local anesthesia is used.
A very superficial wound. This is covered with petroleum jelly and will cling and will heal for a period of a few days in general between 5 and 7 days. A dressing is only required if it is subject to friction or friction in an area, in which case a dressing is used to protect the skin until it is cured.
Histological tests may be necessary.
Fiber -like papels can sometimes reproduce once they have been treated.
A small scar with a change in texture and skin color can be noticed during a close examination at the location from which the fibrous papel is removed.

How does the skin heal following fibrous papule removal?

A small scab will develop in the treated area that will go after 5 days. You will be asked to apply Vaseline four times a day. Small lesions generally heal very well.

What is the aftercare and recovery following fibrous papule removal?

We ask you to prevent heavy exercise or something painful for the rest of the day. The processed areas must be maintained clean and dry. You can clean them once or twice a day with water and a cotton. People can usually return to office work immediately. The injuries in the areas that are subject to friction or friction are covered with a dressing in the test of splashes.

What are the risks of having a fibrous papule removal procedure?

It is generally a very safe procedure with a high degree of satisfaction. Most important lesions can leave a light scar or a light identity.