“I’m worried if I don’t have an immediate response” “It’s heavy to be responded immediately” How to deal with stress by SNS

How to deal with stress by SNS
How to deal with stress by SNS

SNS etiquette that people perceive and feel differently, such as “I’m worried if I don’t respond immediately” and “It’s heavy if I respond immediately”. I will tell you the important way of thinking to deal well with the stress of “immediate response” and to get along with SNS moderately.

What is behind the feeling of rushing, “I have to respond immediately!”

“Immediate reply” to reply immediately when you receive a message. If you communicate with a specific partner on SNS on a daily basis, immediate responses will gradually become an important means of confirming each other’s bonds.As a matter of manners, many people are careful not to keep the other person waiting and to return it as soon as possible. As a result, the other party will also expect you to respond early, and you may feel uncomfortable with the other party who does not do so.If the other person is a lover or a close friend, I think that such feelings will be even stronger. If you reply immediately, you will be happy that you are always there, but if you reply slowly, you will be suspicious that the relationship may have cooled down.However, sometimes we are too busy to notice messages and don’t have time to reply. Then, while waiting for a reply, I tend to worry about things like, “Is there something wrong with the other person?” We tend to wonder, “Am I worrying you?”

Advantages and disadvantages of “immediate response” from a psychological point of view

From a psychological point of view, “immediate reply” is an approval action with immediate effect. With a single stamp, you can instantly communicate your thoughts, and even if you are far away, you can feel as if you are next to each other, and you can communicate your feelings of sympathy and support.In a quick response, it is easy to feel that the other person cares about you and accepts your feelings. This brings a very strong sense of security and joy. That’s why, at first, you will be crazy about confirming your bond with an immediate response. However, when the number of immediate responses increases, problems arise.First of all, when immediate response becomes commonplace, anxiety and dissatisfaction build up when you can’t get immediate response. And you will start to distrust your partner. On the other hand, the increase in immediate response becomes a burden, and as immediate response becomes an obligation, some people may feel that the relationship itself is a burden.

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Don’t assume immediate response! How to reduce social media stress

Immediate response satisfies the need for approval and is a form of communication that makes you engrossed, but if you continue to do so, the anxiety, suspicion, and burdens mentioned above will increase. Therefore, when communicating on SNS, it is very important not to make immediate response an absolute condition.When you start exchanging messages, check the rules such as “Let’s not be obsessed with sending each other immediately”, “Send when you want to send each other, and reply when it’s convenient for you”. It would be nice to keepBut, after all, I also have the feeling of “I want to respond immediately” and “I’m happy to be responded immediately”. It’s also a good idea to value that feeling and convey your feelings of happiness. But neither coercion nor coercion. I think that such free and fun connections are very important to continue using SNS without stress.Originally, SNS is a tool for exchanging messages easily and conveniently. Try to be open-minded so that the immediate response does not become a psychological constraint or burden, and exchanging messages with each other does not cause stress.* The content of the article is as of the time of writing. Please check the latest content.