How To Start An Amazon FBA Business Even With Little Money


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How To Start An Amazon FBA Business Even With Little Money

When you start watching Amazon FBA, it may seem like an intimidating task. There is so much to read and learn to sell on Amazon that it may seem impossible to start. You need money for the product, money for storage space and shipping supplies, and of course always in the world (or am I just?) Even better! Follow this article while we show you exactly what you need to know about making an Amazon FBA company without spending a large part of your own hard money … So no apologies now! Let’s do this!

According to an Amazon survey in 2020, 1000 sellers started this year with $ 500 and less but could make money. 38% of sellers earned $ 5,000 and more every month, while 55% stayed in the company for at least three years. It is therefore possible to earn money via Amazon FBA activities without spending a lot of money.

Selecting The Right Products

Amazon sells 166 million products, but your small budget would only enable a limited number of products on the market. That is why you only have to select profitable products. Tools such as Jungle Scout and FBA Revenue Calculator help identify the products that are probably useful. These tools provide information about the average sales number for each product every month. Also, check the ranking of the best Amazon sellers to find out which product sells more than the others.

Monthly sales and the classification of the bestsellers help determine the sale per day of each product. A product that sells more than ten units a day will probably make you more offers every day. In general, the key to selecting products that yield more income and will prevent fewer sales of products.

There are other considerations to select the right products:

  1. It would be preferable to search for products throughout the year because opting for seasonal products with a low budget is a risky proposal.
  2. The choice of fragile or fragile items is not recommended with a small budget because the risk is high. So you have to select products that can be achieved to resist raw manipulation and to be transported without many problems.
  3. To lower shipping costs, smaller and lighter items must be selected.

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Create Free Amazon Seller Account

Finish the registration process on Amazon Seller Central. Then you have two options: a professional seller’s account and an individual seller’s account. Select a personal seller to account because there are no monthly costs for this account, while the costs of $ 39.99 are invoiced for a professional seller account.

Except in the case of a handmade product or a product that you have created, you must search for the product that you want to sell via the existing Amazon product list. All you have to do is type the product description or the UPC or the ISBN of the product that you want to sell on the product page of the product page on Amazon. After you have found the product, click the “Sell on Amazon” button.

There is certain information about the product that must be given after you have clicked on the Selling button on Amazon. They include the following.

Select new if you sell a new product. If you sell a used product, you must describe the product according to Amazon’s guidelines for the condition of used products.

  • You must enter the number of copies of the product that you want to sell. If you only have one product, you must leave the field empty.
  • Amazon generally gives price suggestions that are minimum rates compared to other products in this category. Selecting the lowest price is recommended unless your product is much better than others.
  • You must choose the type of realization method. The realization means how the product is delivered to the customer.

Use Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA Program

As part of the FBA program, Amazon saves your product and sends it as soon as a sale is done. The use of this program to send your product is recommended because shipping by this method is cheaper than shipping itself. However, the level of efficiency of packaging and shipping by Amazon is more than what you can do. All you have to do is deliver the product to the Amazon Execution Center.

Choose Amazon FBA instead of the development of Amazon by Merchant at the time of the list of products.

Understand Amazon Fees

Amazon only invoices two types of costs in case of sale. This means that you can start selling at Amazon without releasing the money. The two types of costs are reference costs and individual costs per product.

Reference costs are the 15% commission for the selling price that is invoiced for each sale by Amazon. Individual costs per product of $ 0.99 are set to sell each item by professional sellers who are treated in different product categories.


Starting an Amazon FBA company is not only possible but has become more accessible in recent years. With less than $ 1000 you can start your own company that will develop with your success and one day hire many people to help them flourish. Simple FallinTement is associated with new sellers by offering them cheap solutions to start the platform without feeling outdated or out of their competition.
If you want to know how we can associate ourselves, please contact us today! We offer a variety of services so that there is no surprise when starting a brand new Amazon FBA company. Learn everything about our FBA processes here.