What are the psychological benefits of oshikatsu?

What are the psychological benefits of oshikatsu
What are the psychological benefits of oshikatsu

 “Oshikatsu” to support your own push, such as idols and actors. In fact, psychologically, it has the effect of a kind of pseudo-romance, and it has the merit of giving a flutter to the heart and activating life. On the other hand, in order to enjoy the promotion for a long time, it is also important to draw a line between time, money, and heart. We will introduce the benefits of Oshikatsu and how to enjoy it!

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What are the benefits of Oshikatsu?… Stimulate your mind and enjoy the feeling of love safely and securely

“Oshikatsu” is an activity to support a target you like, such as an idol, an actor, an anime character, or a historical figure. Some people are so enthusiastic that they follow the stage where “Oshi” appears one after another, and some people are active by tweeting their love for “Oshi” on SNS. Each activity has its own way of doing things, but having a “push” makes every day fun and always exciting.

The feelings you get when you’re doing “Oshikatsu” are very close to romantic feelings, but the difference from actual love is that the other person isn’t a real love target. In other words, the fact that you can enjoy the “mood” of love can be said to be an advantage of pushing.

In real love, a lot of energy is consumed in adjusting relationships, such as conveying thoughts to the other person and considering the other person’s feelings. As a result, you will experience anxiety and hurt, such as being frustrated when your thoughts don’t reach you, or suddenly being dumped and losing your love.

On the other hand, since oshikatsu is not a private relationship in the first place, there is no risk of being hurt by a broken heart, and there is no need to worry about reconciling the relationship. The good thing about pushing is that you can love your favorite as much as you like within the entertainment range and enjoy the feeling of love safely and securely.

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Benefits for single people: both preparation for love and enjoyment of time alone

Oshikatsu activates the hearts of people in any position and gives them hope. For single people, for example, it can help prepare them for the awakening of real love in the future.

For example, when adolescents become obsessed with idols of the opposite sex, it is meant as a booster until they experience love and wake up to true love. Also, if you are busy and can’t afford to fall in love, you can always be ready to meet your partner by keeping your love in mind and keeping it in a state that makes it easy to flutter.

Even for those who don’t think they need a partner, oshikatsu is very useful. Just by having your favorite, you can work hard at the job in front of you and live with a sense of purpose. Some people say that it calms them down and makes them feel at ease.

Benefits for those who have a partner: Remember the stimulation of love and revitalize your real life!

And for those who have a partner, oshikatsu brings a lot of benefits. It would be nice if the lover or husband in front of you could feel the love forever, but unfortunately, the excitement of love fades after a few years after meeting.

According to the “SVR theory” of social psychology, at the beginning of love, two people who were intoxicated by the stimulation of love (S: Stimulus, stage of stimulation) talked a lot and agreed on values ​​(V: Value, stage of values). ) and begin to consider each other’s roles as partners (R: Role stage). If you want to know more about the “SVR theory”.

The bond between the two deepens as they progress from S (stimulus) → V (values) → R (role), but in the process, the stimulus of the beginning of the romance fades, so you feel nostalgic for the excitement of your heart. I’m going to recruit. In such a case, if you can enjoy a modest promotion that does not bother your partner, you can regain your excitement and revitalize your life with your partner.

In this way, oshikatsu becomes a light in the hearts of people in various positions and supports them to live positively.

Precautions to enjoy the promotion for a long time! Drawing the line between time, money, and heart is also important

I want to enjoy it to the fullest, but there are also cases where I got so addicted to it that I lost the balance of my life. The trick to enjoying a long-term push is to continue your activities as entertainment as long as you can enjoy it.

When people fall in love, including promotion, the dopamine nerves in the brain are stimulated, and they want to act in pursuit of further pleasure and reward. For example, when you are fascinated by your favorite stage and enjoy the ultimate pleasure, your heart will make a fuss for even more pleasure and reward, saying, “I want to watch it again and again!” Also, when you have more opportunities to meet your favorites directly at exchange meetings with fans, the line between reality and entertainment becomes ambiguous, and you may become captivated by romantic fantasies with your favorites.

It is necessary to keep in mind that there are such risks, decide in advance the range of time and money to spend on oshikatsu, and repeatedly confirm in your heart that oshikatsu is just a pseudo-romance. Pushing is a valuable pleasure that creates energy to live positively. In order to enjoy it for a long time without worry, it is important to be careful not to get too addicted or get too absorbed in it, and to continue your activities well.