A simple stress check that appears in “physical, mental and behavioral”

A simple stress check that appears in physical mental and behavioral
A simple stress check that appears in physical mental and behavioral

Stress that is surprisingly difficult to notice by yourself. Do a stress check that you can do by yourself from the three aspects of “physical, psychological, and behavior” to understand the state of stress you have. Early stress measures, leads to resolution. I will explain how to check stress and points for self-care.

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Is it because of “adrenal cortex hormone” that it is difficult to notice one’s fatigue?

Even if you are asked, “Are you stressed?”, it is difficult to notice your stress when you are busy. Even if someone asks, “You look tired, are you okay?”, many people don’t really understand their own condition and immediately reply, “Yes, I’m fine.” Uka

When you are in a state of excessive stress, the adrenal cortex hormone is secreted to resist the stress, and your mental and physical state becomes excessively energetic. Then they think, “I’m overcoming the stress!” As a result, there are many people who suddenly become physically and mentally exhausted, unable to get out of bed one day, and cannot go to work or school.

There are also cases of depression and absence from work without being aware of stress …

This is an example of a company employee.

The person who loved his job came home late at night every day, and even went to work on holidays, working around the clock. He is expected to work hard, and when the number of requests for work increases, his heart is filled with the desire to meet expectations. The amount of work will continue to increase…

One day, a small mistake caused his mental state to become unstable, and from the next day he was unable to go to work. And when he consulted a psychiatrist, he was diagnosed with “depression”. He decided to take a leave of absence from work.

I often meet people like this in counseling. Unaware of your own stressful state, the burden piles up, and from a certain point, your mind and body rapidly become exhausted, and you may fall ill. Even if it’s not a job he’s reluctant to do, if he increases the burden too much, his mind and body will be exhausted. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check your stress level on a daily basis, and if you suspect that stress is accumulating, take a rest, etc., to control stress.

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Check your stress reaction with “Physical/Psychological/Behavior”!

So, what should you pay attention to in order to notice your stress state?

The stress response manifests itself in three dimensions: physical, psychological, and behavioral. The stress reactions that are likely to occur in each aspect are introduced below, so let’s check if there is anything that applies to you.

■ Stress that appears in the body

  • Changes in appetite (not wanting to eat, overeating)
  • Changes in sleep (I can’t sleep, I sleep too much)
  • have heart palpitations
  • Body pain (headache, stomachache, etc.)
  • To feel dizzy
  • indulge
  • Stomach pain, constipation/diarrhea

■ Psychological stress

  • become more anxious
  • get irritated easily
  • Feeling depressed and easily depressed
  • tension continues
  • I find it difficult to understand my emotions
  • can’t concentrate
  • Being unable to do simple things you used to be able to do
  • take time to make decisions

■ Behavioral stress

  • Increased aggressive behavior such as fighting and arguing
  • Excessive behavior, such as overeating, drinking, playing, or working too much
  • Become dependent on people or things
  • become brittle to tears
  • avoid meeting people
  • Try to avoid stressful situations
  • Childish behavior that is not appropriate for one’s age increases

A stress relief method that is conscious of the “3 R’s”

It is difficult for the person to notice the fact that “I am under considerable stress”If you see a lot of the above reactions, it is important to start stress control as soon as possible.

At workplaces where 50 or more workers are employed at all times, the law stipulates that workers undergo a stress check at least once a year. If you are judged to be “high stress” by this test, you can have an interview with your doctor to discuss your physical and mental condition. The reason why such a system is established by law is that it is difficult for people who are in a stressful situation to understand their stress condition.

When stress becomes excessive, the mind and body become energetic in an attempt to adapt to the situation, and some difficulties can be overcome. In this energetic period, it is difficult to notice the fact that “I am under considerable stress” at the same time.

Therefore, it is important to be conscious and reduce stress when you are busy. First of all, let’s make adjustments so that we don’t add unnecessary work. And the point to relieve stress is the “3 R’s”.

  • to rest (Rest)
  • having pleasure as a pastime (Recreation)
  • To stabilize the mind (Relaxation)

By checking the stress reactions that appear in your body, mind, and behavior on a daily basis, you can grasp the state of stress and manage your physical and mental health as soon as possible.